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Tips and tricks for OnePlus 5T

Author: Arvin Dingcheng
by Arvin Dingcheng
Posted: Nov 27, 2017

OnePlus 5T has just been launched, and while it's pricier than its predecessors, it's still a good amount of iphone 6 lcd for the £449 price tag. It's comfortably cheaper than the likes of the Pixel 2 XL, iPhone 8 Plus and Galaxy S8 Plus, and offers a true high-end experience.

If you've bought one recently, or plan to, let us guide you through some of the software features you're going to want to learn. OnePlus' OxygenOS system is full of tricks, even though it looks from the outside like it's just a pure version of Android.

OnePlus 5T home screen tips

Create parallel apps: If you have both work and personal accounts for various social and messenger apps, it can be really frustrating to keep switching between them. With parallel apps you can clone Facebook, Messenger, WhatsApp, Twitter and Instagram among others and have an app for each account.

Go to Settings> Apps> Parallel apps and choose which of the supported apps you want to duplicate. The parallel version will then be added in your app drawer, and indicated by a small orange badge.

Change which apps show full screen: With the 18:9 ratio display, some apps might not display correctly. To change that, head to Settings> Apps> Full screen apps and choose an app to switch it back to 16:9.

Change number of app columns: Tap and hold on the home screen wallpaper and hit "Settings" and then "Home screen layout". Now you can choose whether you want three, four or five columns of apps on the home screen.

Change app icon size: In the same home screen layout menu you can choose between three different app icons sizes.

Change app icon shape: Press and hold the home screen wallpaper and tap "Settings" then "Icon pack". This lets you choose between three default options: OnePlus, Round and Square. You can also download custom app icon packs from the Play Store by tapping the "More" option.

Open app shortcuts: Some apps have a list of shortcuts that pop up on the home screen. Press and hold an app icon, and you'll get those pop-up options above the icon. These only appear on compatible apps. Some won't respond this way.

Pin app shortcuts to home screen: When you have the app shortcuts showing, press and hold one that you want to pin to your screen, and drag it where you want it. Now you'll be able to perform that action just by tapping the shortcut that's permanently on your home screen.

Disable app shortcuts: Press and hold the home screen wallpaper, hit "Settings" then toggle "App Shortcuts" to the off position.

Add widgets to Shelf: Shelf is a custom screen that sits to the left of your main home screen. By default it has your weather, and recent apps displayed, but you can add practically any other widget you want to it by tapping the floating action button in the bottom right corner, then choosing your desired widget.

Customise Shelf widgets: In the shelf, you can press and hold the top widget to change the text displayed, or choose to disable the weather information. Press and hold any of the other widgets, then drag them to reorganize, or press the red "X" to delete that particular card.

Disable Shelf: For whatever reason, you might just decide you don’t want the Shelf. To disable it, head to your regular home screen, then tap and hold the wallpaper. Choose "settings" then switch the "Shelf" toggle to the off position.

Swipe down for notifications: You can access your drop down notifications by swiping downwards anywhere on the home screen. This gesture is enabled by default. To disable, press and hold the home screen wallpaper, choose "Settings" and toggle the "Swipe Down" off.

Change screen resolution: Head to Settings> Display> Display size, then move the slider along the bottom of the screen until the icons and text are the size that you want them to be.

Change battery icon: With OxygenOS you can choose what battery information you want to see in the status bar. Go to Settings> Status bar, then tap "Battery style" and choose which style battery icon you would like.

Show battery percentage: Below this option in same screen you can also choose to toggle the battery percentage on or off.

OnePlus 5T buttons tips

Get to notifications with fingerprint sensor: Go to Settings> Gestures and toggle the "Swipe fingerprint for notifications" option. Now when you swipe downwards on the the fingerprint sensor, your notifications and quick settings toggles will drop down from the top of the screen.

Take a photo with fingerprint sensor: In the same menu, toggle the "Long press to take a photo" option and whenever you're in the camera app you can hold your finger on the fingerprint sensor to snap your shot.

Hide the navigation bar: For the first time on a OnePlus iphone 6 parts, there are no capacitive buttons on the OnePlus 5T, but you can still get the system to suit you. If you don't want the back, home and recent apps buttons permanently on your screen head to Settings> Buttons and toggle the "Hide the navigation bar" option.

Custom actions: In Oxygen OS you can assign secondary functions to all three of the onscreen buttons. Each button can have two secondary functions, launched by either a long-press or quick double-tap. There are seven options in total, which include opening recent apps, launching search assistant, turning off the screen, opening the camera, voice search, opening the last used app and opening Shelf. You’ll find the options in the same settings menu under the Buttons category.

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