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How to Increase Employee Retention Rate in 5 Ways

Author: Kernie Kholmyer
by Kernie Kholmyer
Posted: Nov 27, 2017

Employee retention is a sensitive problem for every employer. There is no company in the world that wants their best employer to leave for higher wages or a better position. As an employer, it is important to keep the retention rates high for your business to progress. Here are the best 5 ways for you to enhance the employee retention rate.

1. Recognize Their Achievements

You will lose potential employees if you don't appreciate their devotion. The best thing to do is to give awards to your employer of the month. Whether the employee works in a sales team or marketing, he or she needs recognition. If you can't give awards every month, then praise him or her for his or her efforts. It's easy for you to thank your best employee by calling him or her up in your office. The best San Diego trophy storecan create a beautiful plaque or recognition certificate.

2. Offer Them a Competitive Salary

Every employee of your company works to get a paycheck. If any one of your employees are getting offered better wages, then he or she might leave your company. Make sure you work something out if your best employee decides to leave for a higher salary. Offering a raise or an award will encourage your employees to stay with your company. Find a way to increase your compensation packages.

3. Offer Room for Advancement

Speak in detail to your employees about the corporate ladder and promotions. There are more chances of an employee to stay in your company if you promote his or her in a better position. A janitor can't become a CEO within a few weeks. Help your employee to jump higher to a position better suited for his or her skills. Encourage your employees to get the most out of his or her capabilities.

4. Act as a Mentor for Your People

There is nothing more effective in the business world than relationships and communication. If one of your employees is facing trouble, then act as his or her mentor. Be there when your employees need help with something. This can help build a long lasting relationship between you and your employee. Control turnovers by stepping forward and helping your employees with their duties.

5. Create an Enjoyable Workplace Experience

If there is nothing you can offer to your employees, then bring changes in your workplace. Create a friendly and enjoyable atmosphere for your employees. You can make a room for your employees to play games or offer free breakfast on Fridays. This can allow the employees to be social and active. Your employees will not leave the company if they feel great while coming to work. Even if you are not paying a higher salary, create a pleasant atmosphere for your employees.

The best companies treat their employees with love and respect. If your employee feels satisfied working with you, then he or she will serve your company for years. Often employees don't leave a company if the employer appreciates them often. If you are for corporate trophies and plaques for sale, then reach out to us. We create one of the best glass awards in San Diego.

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Kernie Kohlmyer is the President of Gold Medallion Awards. For over five years, he has overseen all strategic affairs of the company as well as its client relations management function.

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Author: Kernie Kholmyer

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