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Top 5 European Film Festivals Investors Should Attend

Author: Helen Sheplyakova
by Helen Sheplyakova
Posted: Nov 28, 2017
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Red carpets, famous actors, prestigious awards, new talents, demanding critics, experienced producers, the atmosphere of abundance and luxury – it’s all about film festivals that attract and intrigue both cinephiles and people, who aren’t that involved in the film industry.But if you are an investor, the glamour and the fame that frame the spirit of film festivals are not the issues to concentrate on. Of course, if you have already invested in the film which is nominated for an award at the festival, then you’ll attend the events with the aim to represent your project and participate in the ceremony. But if you are only planning to enter the film investment industry or find your next project, then film festivals can be one of the best opportunities to meet the directors, production companies, actors, other investors whom you may potentially partner with in the future.Festivals serve as the networking platforms, where the attendees - individuals and businesses engaged in the entertainment industry - have a chance to establish solid relationships with each other. Among the numerous film festivals investors may consider going to, these are the top-5 European ones they should attend.

1.The Cannes Film Festival (France)

Although there are different opinions about which film festival deserves the title of the best one, it’s needless to say that the Cannes film festival definitely holds the golden position on this list. Being called the "king" or the "masterpiece" of the film festivals, this event doesn’t need much advertising.The number of celebrities, talented people and the press that gathers for this event is countless.The reason is simple yet genius - Cannes is the place where the high-budget action films and the first creations of beginning directors from different countries that aren’t usually recognised for their film industry receive public attention and media coverage.A great bonus for producers and directors is the fact that the Cannes Film Festival is always attended by film investment companies and well-known investors. It’s a perfect chance to secure the funds for your next project or find a promising film to invest in, especially given the fact that the event attracts investors, directors and producers of different ranges. Red Rock Entertainment, a well-known British film investment company, is always in attendance at all major European festivals, showcasing their current projects and searching for the future ones. The Cannes Film Festival is not an exception.This Festival is sometimes criticised for its strictness and organiser’s unwillingness to adjust to the changes shaping the modern film industry. But, it is an established brand with its own rules and traditions the attendees need to adhere to if they don’t want to miss out on the global recognition.

2. Venice International Film Festival (Italy)

This festival was the first established event in the filmmaking industry, and thus it is one of the top events hosting film premieres, producers, paparazzi, critics and stars. Due to this festival, Italy attracts well-known directors and producers who arrive to promote their project and attract viewers attention to them.Some experts criticize this event for being held at the beginning of September together along with the other autumn film events. Nevertheless, the Venice Film Festival is admittedly one of the most luxurious and glamorous film events. In addition to popularising the Italian cinematography and arranging the screenings of classy international films, this event has also screened three big British hits: Tinker Tailor Soldier Spy, Wuthering Heights and Shame.The highest prize at the Venice Film Festival is the Golden Lion, which is recognised as an honourable reward throughout the whole world and is debatably just as valuable as the Cannes’ Palme d'Or.

3. Berlin International Film Festival (Germany)

The annual Berlinale always attracts the entertainment industry experts from all over the world. It is considered to be less glamorous, but more serious global film event. It regularly hosts more than 25,000 professionals and film fans from about 100 countries and develops a unique agenda to entertain the guests and the residents of the city.The special feature of Berlinale that should attract the attention of investors is the fact that it can offer joint projects, panel discussions and workshops, which remain active during the two weeks of the festival.

4. London Film Festival (the United Kingdom)

The London film Festival may appear as a newcomer if compared with The Cannes or the Venice Film Festival, but it has already proved its reputable position in the film industry. It is organised annually by the BFI – British Film Institute, and taking into account the fact that the UK’s leading cinema agency became its primary sponsor, one may predict that it may soon grow into one of the world’s most prestigious film festivals.To achieve that goal, the organisers involve more and more celebrities and the film industry experts each year. They willingly participate in the discussion sessions, provide with more information about the filmmaking process and the nominated films.Although this festival can’t yet compete with the aforementioned ones as it’s relatively young, it is gaining the popularity rapidly and enjoying the attention of an increased number of the film industry insiders. Thus, it may shortly become a home-run market for native and foreign investors. If you’re based in the UK and engaged in film production, you have no excuses for missing this event.

5. International Film Festival Rotterdam (the Netherlands)

The distinctive feature of IFFR is focusing on independent and experimental filmmaking by founding and helping to fund new talents, who share the ambition to conquer the worldwide film audience.This festival hosts CineMart for film producers, who are gathering the funds for their projects, so investors are more than welcomed. In spite of being not so glamorous and well-known, this festival definitely stands out thanks to its unique spirit and uncommon approach. It is held in various cinemas in Rotterdam and undoubtedly attracts wide audiences.

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