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Teacher’s Perspective: Six Benefits Associated with Early Childhood Education

Author: Shruti Srivastava
by Shruti Srivastava
Posted: Nov 29, 2017

Below are six benefits that come with early childhood education.

Children usually absorb learning like sponges when young. Every word they learn, every new experience they learn, every type of behaviour they adopt is usually an investment in their future. The greatest, most lasting impressions on an individual are formed when they are in their early years. The majority of the parents have understood this and the Government too is trying to catch up.

In 2013, after a series of studies proved that t early childhood education had a great impact on the outcome of life, the former US President Barrack Obama endorsed this in his State of the Union address However, only 51% of the three and four- year -olds in the United States are usually enrolled in full day pre- primary programs which means there has been no improvement in enrolments in the last 15 years.

Early childhood education entails moulding and honing the skills of the children which will form the basis of their lifelong journey. Below are six benefits that come with early childhood education.


Socialization with individuals, other than the immediate family in a secure and safe environment, is an important foundational element. Parents usually understand that it is important for them to introduce their children to other children and help in changing them into friendship groups. The earlier this is done the better. This will help children gain self esteem and overcome shyness.


It is important for children to be taught the value of respect for others. However, the respect should not just be limited to belongings and people but should also include respect for their environment- surrounding environment and global. There is no better place one can learn this virtue other than in a preschool environment where the children will be taught through customized training courses and they start sharing everything and manners and civility are being taught and learned.

2.Conception of Cooperation

It is important for the children to learn on taking turns, how to cooperate, share and preserve within a safe and secure learning environment. However, it is important to ensure that the children are always guided by professionals who usually have the kid’s interest at their heart. This is very important when you have a single child or the first born since they are never used to sharing. Though it can be difficult for them to learn, it is a very important lesson to learn early when they are growing.

3.Encourages Holistic Development

The type of approach taken in building a strong foundation for a child’s social, mental, physical and emotional development will help in preparing them in their entire life time.

Early childhood educators are normally trained in identifying specific areas where support is required for each child and coming up with activities and programs. Their peers are also considered to be very important since preschoolers are known to be very cooperative, helpful and inclusive.


It is advisable that both the child’s parents and the early childhood educators work together in developing resilience in children as early as possible. By providing a secure, consistent and fair social environment with predictable consequences and clear expectations, children are able to develop great skills in managing their emotions and themselves.


It is important to instill and demonstrate the important of teamwork that will be able to teach respect for others opinion, equality, cooperation and listening. Majority of the preschool activities are usually centred on teamwork for this actual reason. Any person who gets to learn how to work in a team from an early age will definitely be more employable and more socially attuned.

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