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Bulk Remanufactured Ammo better Than Reloaded Ammo

Author: Shrish Ammo
by Shrish Ammo
Posted: Dec 01, 2017

Shooting is an expensive sport. Many do it for fun and for the satisfaction it gives. For others, using handguns is a way of self-defense and protection against possibilities of attack. A.38 gun is popular just because it is so compact and easy to carry on one’s person while having some measure of stopping power. Those who want something more powerful opt for a 0.40 or a 0.45 calibre, heavy but with plenty of stopping power.

Whatever gun type one possesses, buying it is one thing, and using ammo for it is another. Cost of ammunition adds up if one insists on buying only fresh, genuine products. This is not exactly mandatory. One can look at reloaded and bulk remanufactured ammo such as bulk 38 special ammo, bulk 38 special ammunition, 1000 rounds.40 and 1000 rounds.45 at affordable prices.

Reloaded ammo is manufactured using hand operated machinery with little precision and control over quality. The manual case resizing means tolerances are loose or the size of the cartridge may be larger. This can have expensive consequences. IT is the same with other stages such as swaging the primer pocket where there can be problems with primer seating. Priming is another process when a new primer is embedded in the case. Power loading is also carried out manually causing variations that will affect performance of the ammunition.

Remanufactured bulk ammunition that gives highly precise rermanufactured ammo 38 special follows a better and reliable process. For one, semi-automatic or automatic machines are used for the process to assure tight adherence to tolerances and specifications. The case, for instance, is reshaped and resized just right without undue force that would induce hidden cracks or metal fatigue in the shell. One can be sure that the case resizing adheres to SAAMi specification to assure smooth chambering. Remanufacturing process also involves pressure checks to discard shells that may have splits or cracks that could be potentially risky. If preparations are precise and automatic so is the reloading process using commercial equipments designed for the purpose. A typical machine may have a sequential stage for loading, similar to the one followed by large manufacturers but on a smaller scale. Apart from the actual process, monitoring of each step is included with the use of sophisticated equipments to check dimensions, pressure check, conformity, power weight and volume and the bullet seat height among other parameters. Manufacturers offering bulk remanufactured ammo follow the same stringent quality specifications and manufacturing process as factory new ammunity manufacturers but on a reduced scale, passing on cost benefits to buyers. If one has to make a choice, it is always better to opt for remanufactured, not reloaded ammunition. It is safe, precise and accurate.
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