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This winter, Say No to Electrical Problems!

Author: Chris Dgate
by Chris Dgate
Posted: Dec 03, 2017

Winter is coming!

The winter may not be as cruel as the one in Game of Thrones universe, but if you do not take necessary precautions, it can cause electrical disasters in your home. It is the perfect time to conduct a thorough electrical inspection of your property. Why? You certainly do not want the power to go off during the cold winter months.

Put an End to Electrical Problems; Enjoy a Safe and Warm Winter

Winter can be a cruel season, especially when there is no electrical supply in your home. To avoid electrical problems, it is best to adopt a pro-active approach. Learn the common electrical problems associated with the winter season and get ready to tackle them.
  • Electrical Overloadingis an Issue
The problem with the electrical system of a home is that homeowners do not think there is a problem with it. Usually, homeowners assume that everything is OK with the electrical system and do not consider checking it. Your house may be old and the wires may have deteriorated. You home may not be code compliant with current electrical standards. Also, the old electrical panels were not built to take the pressure of multiple electrical devices. Add to them different heating devices and Holiday lighting and it spells a recipe for an electrical disaster.

With a thorough electrical inspection, ask a licensed electrician to ascertain the quality of the wiring system, panels, service, switches, etc. It will help you in repairing the electrical system of your home and making it up to date with the current standards.

  • Electrical Heating Devices: Keeping the Heat up!
Winter months in Canada are notorious for being extremely cold. And, you will need heating devices such as electrical heaters, electrical blankets, heat lamps, etc. to keep you and your loved ones warm. It is possible that the devices are broken because you haven’t used them since last winter. Old and damaged devices pose a great fire hazard. So, it is essential to inspect the devices. Once you are sure that they are working properly, place them away from combustible materials and water sources.

And, remember to ensure electrical safety during the Holidays.Use festival lights and electrical decorations marked for ‘outdoor use only’. Do not make use of extension cords because they can become a tripping hazard as well as a fire hazard in no time.
  • Electrical Safety Equipment: Be Safe than Sorry
Electrical safety equipment is necessary for every home. Its existence becomes all the more important during winter months because you will be spending a lot of time indoors. The three most essential electrical safety devices include:

a. Circuit Breakers – They are useful to help you find a fault in the appliances. For example, if the electric heater is old, it can pull more power and cause damage. In such a situation, the circuit breaker will trip and cut off electrical supply to your home.

b. Smoke Alarms – You must install smoke alarms in every part of the home. Battery-operated alarms are common. But, you can choose hardwired smoke alarms that are connected with the electrical system of your home. If one alarmdetects smoke, all the others alarms will activate immediately and inform you of a hazard.

c. Surge Protector – Power surges is a common problem during winter months. High power consumption is not the only reason behind it. Downed poles and damaged lines are common because of strong winds and ice. If you have expensive electrical devices in your home, you must use a surge protector to prevent any risk to them.

Before winter arrives, it is best to undertake electrical inspection of your home. Hire a licensed electrician who can pinpoint the problem areas. Ask him to repair the electrical system and install electrical safety equipment to keep your home safe. With the help of a professional, make sure that your home stays warm for the cold months.

Power Electrical is a top-rated electrical company of Toronto. Hire licensed electricians for electrical inspections and make your home ready for winter. Our team will install high-quality electrical safety equipment and help you with the Holiday decorations as well. Get in touch today for comprehensive electrical repair and installation services under one roof.

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