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9 Daily Steps for Excellent PPC Management

Author: Newpath Web
by Newpath Web
Posted: Dec 05, 2017

Running a PPC campaign on a platform like Google AdWords can deliver terrific results for your business. While AdWords is quite accessible, a self-run PPC campaign lacks the insight and attention to detail that a company offering PPC management services can provide. If you’re unsure, below are twelve steps that a good PPC expert would follow every day to deliver maximum results for your campaign.

Check Ad Spend, Conversions and Revenue

PPC campaigns are about delivering increased revenue to your business. Of course, increased revenue looks at income versus expense. Therefore, the very first step to do is reviewing ad spend of the previous day. While AdWords allows you to set a daily budget, that doesn’t mean you are likely to hit the maximum value every day. You could also hit the limit every day, potentially limiting the campaign. The point is, reviewing ad spend can ensure that you’re aware of how the campaign is progressing and can highlight potential actions moving forward (increase budget, improve elements for increased expenditure, etc.)

Reviewing conversions is also important, looking at how many people engaged with your business as a result of your campaign. If your website is primarily eCommerce focused, then this presents itself as revenue, but of course, if you can only generate leads from your website, then the number of conversions is equally important. These numbers can decrease on a day-to-day basis, but we’re looking for improvement or at least maintaining consistent results long term.

Review Ad Positions, Bids and Negative Keywords

The next step looks at individual ad performance. The figures you’ve pulled earlier should direct you to particular areas of your ads. If you’re spending too much money (or not enough), it’s important to review each ad’s bid values. These values are set to ensure first-page positioning, but if you are running out of money each day (or aren’t spending enough), you need to look to focus on the strongest-improving ads. Changing bid values should also move positions of your ads around, ensuring that you’re consistently coming up as high as possible.

Reviewing your negative keywords is also fundamental towards improved performance. While you set your keywords and their match types when you start a campaign, people can often find your brand through a variety of search queries. Setting up negative keywords allows you to review performance and ensure that only the most relevant searches deliver your ads, potentially saving you money and improving results.

Analyse Website Copy, Sitelinks and Competition Performance

PPC management requires coordination with website and campaign, as ad performance relates to keyword usage across the website. If you’re making changes to the site, it’s important to review the edits as they can have a dramatic impact on a campaign. This same pointapplies to more fundamental changes to site architecture, regarding elements such as new product or service pages which could be more relevant to the campaign. These additions allow for the ads to be more appropriately structured.

Finally, reviewing competition can be important. If competitors are suddenly targeting alternative keywords, or have seemingly increased they bid values or landing pages, it’s important to respond appropriately. PPC management involves reviewing these factors on a daily basis to ensure the best possible campaign structure moving forward.

Get Quality PPC Management Services

Running an AdWords campaign can be challenging, and while it’s simple enough to set one up, it can be difficult to run it with any great skill. Considering someone who offers PPC management services is critical towards delivering an exceptional campaign with quality results.

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