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Buy A Sturdy, Corrosion Free Residential Flagpole For Your Home

Author: Federal Flags
by Federal Flags
Posted: Dec 05, 2017
residential flagpole

Do you want to declare the love you have for your country from high above? Do you want to add a vote of "unspoken" thanks for your beliefs by raising the flag of your country near your home? You can do this now!

Get a residential flagpole to prove a point to the onlooker. You love your country and you can declare this to others by setting up a sturdy and firm residential flagpole outside your home. The residential flagpole doesn’t have to be small but neither can you have a huge, tall, lanky flagpole towering above your backyard because it may not be able to withstand harsh gusts of wind. High speeds of wind can leave the residential flagpole disturbed so choose a flagpole of perfect height to suffice your needs.

Flagpoles are subjected to all kinds of weather conditions. Hot, wet and cold temperatures tend to weaken objects lying in the open, but these flagpoles which are rust proof, can tolerate heat and moisture quite well. The flagpoles can be decorated attractively or colored in black, bronze or silver colour.

Ornamentation is often done on the flagpoles in the form of attaching crosses, spears, birds or stars on the top. Many times a lighted bulb is placed atop the pole and this increases the appeal of residential flagpoles. Mostly this is done to accentuate the look of the flag during evening times when sun is low. Pick a flag that suits your purpose and fix a proper area where it will be fixed. The visual angle of the place where the flagpole is to be erected is analysed and after that it is put up. The visual appeal of the flag needs to be apparent from everywhere.

Low maintenance, light weight, high strength and reasonable rates are the main pre-requisites for a reliable residential flagpole. The hole into which the flagpole is inserted is filled with concrete till the top into which a steel bottle-shaped one side open cylinder is secured. Then the pole is pushed and fixed tightly into it to stand firm and unyielding. You can take the help of manufacturing experts in fixing the flagpole firmly into the "steel ground sleeve" that is put inside the ground.

The flagpole has to be protected from connecting with concrete directly or else it can get corroded. The flag material is not resistant to cement and when it comes directly in contact it tends to waste away. The flag needs to be fixed firmly in a heavy foundation so that it stands upright and stiff. The material of the pole has to be durable and sturdy so that it doesn’t crumble in weather upheavals.

Bigger flags need to be put up on big poles so be very particular about the size of your flag before you choose your flagpole. Many towns have a height restriction for residential flags for public safety and you need to keep the municipal regulations levied for the residential flagpoles in mind before fixing one up. After studying Government regulations in detail should you get a pole that suits your budgetary constraints.

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