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Increase ranks monthly through site structuring

Author: Thomas Decker
by Thomas Decker
Posted: Dec 05, 2017

If you have a new website and you are looking to increase ranks monthly then you may be in for a shock. No new website can get a high page rank on Google because the PageRank score for any new website is 0. Google has a simple policy on this matter – a new website needs to be tested for a while before it is certified as adding value to the internet. And this is why the starting PageRank score is 0. However, through sustained efforts it is possible for a website to get higher PageRank scores but this is a gradual process.

But where does all this start? What I mean to say is, "Where do you need to put in the efforts first to be able to get ranked on Google?" Many pundits would talk about keyword optimization but the fact is that it all starts with the structure of your website. One of the important elements of website content is that it should be easily searchable and this can be done when you have a silo structure to your website. With the silo structure you can create all those partitions in your website that allow search engine crawlers to identify the different types of content available in your website.

For example, if you have a site structure where the home page has level 1 links to all the other pages of your website then it can get confusing for the search engine crawlers. The "About Us" section should surely not be at the same level as a catalog sub-page. Ideally the about us page and the catalog page should be at the same level and the catalog page would then have level 1 links to the catalog sub-pages. This is what a silo structure is and this can help you increase ranks monthly.

To find out how to create a silo structure for your website to increase ranks monthly you need to make a list of all the pages that you have in your website. At the same time you should make a list of themes for your business. Now match the pages with the themes and you would have a silo structure ready. In case you don’t want to tinker with the physical directory structure of your website you may want to use cross linking to create logical silos.

It is very important to have relevant keywords for each silo so that the search engines can do a better evaluation of the structure of your website. And as a website owner you will also find it useful when you have such a silo structure for your website. When you later want to analyze data to increase ranks monthly this structure will help. And very importantly, don’t forget to create a sitemap and submit it to the search engines.

As you can see your SEO effort starts during the designing phase and not later on when your website is up and running. With an early start like this you will manage to increase ranks monthly.

There are so many things that you can do to increase ranks monthly ( ). But one important aspect that you cannot ignore is your site structure. Please visit Gamit ( ) site for more details.

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