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How to write motivational letter

Author: Joseph Campbell
by Joseph Campbell
Posted: Dec 06, 2017
motivational letter

Entrance to a university abroad or an employment attempt involves writing a motivational letter. In most cases, a properly documented motivational letter is 50% of your university dreams or employment. That's why you should not be careless about writing it.

What is a letter of motivation?

Motivational letter is an essay on 1-2 pages in which the candidate describes his / her interests (academic), experience, goals, life position and achievements. Motivation letter can tell about the author, to provide important information:

  • firstly, the admission committee will be able to get an idea of??the candidate's personality, his ability to think critically, analytical skills;
  • and secondly, about the candidate's logical, coherent and grammatically correct writing of his thoughts.

Agree on the basis of the letter you can draw some conclusions about the candidate who dreams of a university degree with a world-known name or work in a foreign company - that's why you need to write a letter of motivation. Going to study a language in one of the countries or obtaining a higher education abroad is a great start for your future career.

The main purpose of the letter for admission to the university is to convince the members of the admissions committee that you are the best candidate who should be preferred. With the help of the letter, you establish communication with the members of the admission committee, and in order for this communication to be successful for you, you should:

  • Know what the target audience is expecting from you;
  • Know what exactly you want to get from a university education process;
  • Be able to correctly tell about the unique qualities that make you special;

Such a document, as motivational letter, helps to find employment and receive prestigious education. That is why, when writing a letter, remember the main rules:

  1. Commissions of different faculties evaluate letters according to different criteria.
  2. The short-term and long-term goals of teaching are welcomed.
  3. A description of personal experience and achievement is required.
  4. A brief description of the training and achievements in this area is necessary.

What does a reception committee like?

What should you mention when you write a motivation letter for a job in a foreign company or university entry? Anyone who reads your letter is surely waiting for you to receive answers about your questions on the written one. So do not be disappointed with it.

In the motivation letter should be:

  • analysis of personal qualities (it will be judged by how you evaluate yourself, and consequently others).
  • sincerity (falsehood is felt immediately, keep in mind).
  • a description of the training and motivation (experience, achievements, skills, specific guidance, why you chose this specialty, how you plan to develop and improve in this area).
  • availability of goals and validity of the chosen program (it is important to specify what exactly you want to achieve by studying in this specialty and how the learning process will help you achieve your goals).
  • logic of text construction. The ability to write well, correctly formulating thoughts is also important for admission to a university.

What does not accept the commission?

Let's tell more about what it is better not to write in the motivational letter. First, try to avoid cliche and general sentences that do not carry any phrases information. Secondly, the motivational letter should in no case be transformed into a restatement, it should complement the submission of the members of the admissions committee about you, and not give them the same information that they can read in the summary. How to?write my essay in English - we have already talked about earlier.

In addition, avoid dangerous, ambiguous topics, refrain from expressing opinions about politics or religion, especially if your point of view is very different from the one you are commonly accepted. Use simple words and sentences, do not complicate the reader's perception of the text. And most importantly - do not write too much, nobody will read about you a novel in three volumes. These are just general rules of good tone in the motivation letter.

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