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Steel Building Kits – Their Advantage in Residential and Commercial Building Needs

Author: Sean Erik
by Sean Erik
Posted: Dec 06, 2017

Metal building kits made of pre-engineered of prefabricated components are quite popular today. Such prefabricated kits include parts made using high level of construction work that goes on at the factory before these buildings parts are sent to the construction site. When such metal or steel building kits arrive at the site, very little work is required to erect them. These kits are also sometimes referred to as do-it-yourself steel building kits, and are pretty easy and simple to erect.

Advantages of steel building kits

Using pre-engineered or prefabricated metal kits for construction of buildings such as homes, warehouses, and barns has many advantages. Here are a few of them.

  • Reduced construction time

A steel building system or structure takes less time than one that is built using concrete or other materials. This is because the systems and components of the metal building are designed and pre-built in a manner that makes them easy to assemble. Many of the processes that happen at the construction site with other building materials is usually replaced or eliminated in such construction techniques. Lead time for constructing buildings that span months can get reduced to weeks when prefabricated of pre-engineered steel building kits are used.

  • Lower cost of construction

Steel building kits include parts that have been designed, cut, and prefabricated at the factory using automated and assembly line techniques. As a result, the cost that is generally incurred on manual or other activities that are carried out at the construction site are brought down considerably. Also, the skill level that is required for assembling search metal structures that are prefabricated is substantially lower. As a result, people who erect metallic structures using steel building kits can expect costs to come down by even 60 percent.

  • Durability and eco friendliness

Buildings made from Steel typically tend to stay around for a longer time. They can retain their shape and condition for as long as 40 or even 60 years with minimal intervention. They are far more resistant to external aggressors when compared to other metals and non-steel building materials. Steel is also known for its strength as a building material that can withstand extreme weather conditions including snowstorms, hurricanes, fires, and even earthquakes. You also do not have to worry about termites, cracks, splitting, creeping etc. when using steel building kits.

Such building kits are also eco-friendly because steel is recycled extensively. many of the panels that make up the roof and walls in such building kits are up to hundred percent recyclable. They are also easy to insulate and hence or more energy efficient than many other building materials. As a result, structures built using steel building kits tend to be eco-friendlier than others.

  • Roomy and expandable

Steel building kits let you erect structures that are extremely spacious and roomy. This is because most of the structures are truss-free and do not have beans, posts, or columns that take up room in most cases. Another advantage is that these building kits let you change design dynamically, and hence your home or warehouse can be modified quickly and economically at any point of time when the building is being made. Such changes can also be done after the work is completed.

  • Insurance advantages

Because steel structures tend to be strong, durable, and resistant to most weather conditions, insurance companies tend to offer high discounts to structures that are erected using steel building kits. This adds to the cost savings in building the structure.

So, the next time you want to choose something relatively easy, and economical to build, choose steel building kits.

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