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Why Should You Opt for Managed Colocation Hosting?

Author: Anshika Bhardwaj
by Anshika Bhardwaj
Posted: Dec 07, 2017

Colocation hosting has proved itself as need of the hour. Colocation is a facility provision, practiced by both the server owner and the data center owner. In colocation, the owner who owns the server with equipments of networking keeps the server with networking equipments in a data center, which in turn is owned by another owner.

The privately owned server and its networking equipments are not kept in house by the owner of the server. Instead it is housed in a third party data center. This joint activity of keeping privately owned server and networking equipment in another data center by taking in rent the physical space to house the server and networking equipment, is known as colocation hosting.

A server colocation hosting provider rents out physical space in a data center. In these rented spaces by the colocation hosting provider, in the data centers, the customer of the colocation provider can install their servers and equipments.

The colocation hosting service provider provides to its customers, power to run the server and equipments with necessary power back ups, in cases of power failure, required bandwidth, cooling system to cool the server and equipments and Internet Protocol address. These services are in addition to the rented physical space. These services are provided by the colocation hosting service provider to the customer so that the customer can successfully deploy their servers.

The physical space to house the server and networking equipments is rented out as racks or cabinets to the server owner customer. The server equipments are mounted on these racks.

What is Managed Colocation Hosting?

Managed colocation hosting provider provides the services of managing the server with its supporting infrastructure. Managed colocation service provider provides the customer, system administration service, in which operating systems and supported software installations, updating security and handling all problems in networking are included. The technical support provided by managed colocation hosting provider takes care of physical hardware problems or any hardware installation, if needed.

The colocation hosting provider of managed colocation hosting monitors customer’s resource usages and other various services 24x7.365 days’ basis and remains proactive in situations asking for technical assistance. The colocation hosting provider also provides active back up service to servers, with additional disk space. They also provide the services of configuring and monitoring of switches, the security measures such as firewalls, routers, changes in configurations with logged errors, changes in latency with packet loss etc. It also monitors general uptime and availability to guarantee the best possible performance of server and equipments.

In fact, the managed colocation hosting keeps the customer trouble free and able to focus on his/her business fully.

Advantages of managed colocation hosting

Managed colocation hosting provides many benefits to its customers. They are:

  1. High Scalability- The resources can be increased or decreased as per the need of business in managed colocation hosting.
  2. Super Connectivity- Privately owned customer’s servers are kept in climate controlled data centers by the colocation service providers. They provide high speed bandwidth with excellent network connectivity.
  3. Unfailing Security- The colocation providers provide physical security, biometric scanning, CCTV cameras, alarm systems, coded access in the premises, to protect server with equipments.
  4. Service Stability- The colocation provider provides sufficient backup system to protect customer’s data or services, in cases of power failures or natural disasters.
  5. Expense Predictability- The colocation hosting services are having plans with predictable monthly expenses.

Managed Colocation hosting is the choice in hosting providers, considering its services and benefits.

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