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Poly vs. Kraft: Which Bubble Mailer do you need?

Author: Roger Halverson
by Roger Halverson
Posted: Dec 08, 2017
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Here are comparisons between Kraft bubble mailers and poly bubble mailers for your reference.

Bubble mailers are adequately sized enveloped that are lined with secure bubble wrap, making them one of the best packaging options for online merchants. There are two kinds of bubble mailers to buy: Kraft and polypropylene. One is not necessarily better than the other, as both have their advantages and disadvantages when handling different kinds of items. Other key factors might include the price that is offered by manufacturers, and the environment that these packages go through during the process of shipping.

Here are comparisons between Kraft bubble mailers and poly bubble mailers for your reference. After reading this article, proceed to buy bubble mailers in bulk in the kind you prefer.


Color is more important in packaging than you may think. If you want to leave your consumers or recipients with a unique looking package with your company logo and colors, both materials have options for you to do so. If you want custom ink printing on your mailers that look crisp, clear, and professional, you may want to go with poly bubble mailers. If you want colors that are natural and subtle to the eyes, Kraft is the bubble mailer to choose. Regardless of which one you choose, light colored bubble mailers are the best for ink of any brightness. Dark bubble mailers look great in contrast with white ink, but they do certainly have limits elsewhere.


Kraft mailers feature a bubble size of 3/16 inches, and poly mailers have a bubble size of 7/64 inches. Kraft bubble mailers are lined with high quality bubble wrap, supporting items with confidence, but they have limits on how much weight they can handle. Poly bubble mailers are more durable, as their plastic exterior can hold up better than Kraft paper. However, the smaller bubbles make this mailer less shock absorbent in the event that a package takes some impact when it moves from location to location. In short, Kraft bubble mailers are better for more fragile items, and poly bubble mailers are better for heavy items.


If you thought that the Kraft bubble mailers were the ones that were better for recycling, you would be mistaken. In order to recycle Kraft bubble mailers, you would have to remove the bubble wrap lining from the Kraft envelope and recycle the bubble wrap. With poly bubble wrap, the entire packaging can get recycled, so there is nothing inside of it that isn't suitable for recycling.


If your packages go through a moist environment, they could get damaged over time when exposed to water, humidity, or other environmental factors. Kraft paper gets dampened with humidity, and as you may know with paper and wood, it deteriorates over time because of it. Humidity affects poly bubble mailers very minimally.

Poly bubble mailers are generally more expensive than Kraft bubble mailers. As mentioned previously, polypropylene is more durable, more elastic, and more resistant than Kraft bubble mailers. With that said, however, the majority of the items that you ship, such as gift cards, DVDs, and small items that you can already put in small jewelry boxes, may not warrant them. Kraft bubble mailers are more affordable, and will make a big difference to you financially when you buy bubble mailers in bulk. When it comes to Kraft, what you give up in most aspects of quality, you gain in value.

Those are the main factors for bubble mailers; so if you are ending up with leaning towards one material over the other, feel confident with purchasing that material.

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