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Stop the hunt for the best alcohol addiction treatment in India; try our natural addiction pills

Author: Hashmi Healthcares
by Hashmi Healthcares
Posted: Dec 13, 2017

Alcoholism or alcohol addiction is defined as the primary chronic disease involving impaired control over drinking, use of alcohol despite of the adverse outcomes and distortions in thinking. This disease results in the mental as well as physical deterioration. Medically the word "alcoholism" is used when a person suffers the following two or more conditions:

  • Difficulty in cutting down
  • Drinks a large amount over a long period of time
  • Alcohol is irresistible
  • Alcohol consumption results in health issues
  • Alcohol consumption leads to risky situations

There is variety of factors that caters to the disease of alcohol addiction or alcoholism. These are:

  • Genetics
  • Race
  • Socioeconomic factors
  • Psychological factors
  • Behavioral

The person who is alcohol addict finds it almost impossible to give it up on alcohol. If it has been quite a while that he hasn’t drink the level of his craving can cross any limit. He can do any possible thing to get it. Such persons do not have any control on their actions as alcohol causes changes to the brain and neurochemistry. The severity of this disease depends upon the amount of alcohol they consume and how often the person drinks varies from person to person. Alcohol addiction also leads to health issues. Some of the major health issues are- pancreatitis, cancer, ulcers, gastrointestinal problems, immune system dysfunction, osteoporosis, brain damage, liver diseases, heart diseases, malnourishment and vitamin deficiencies. Worryingly nearly 14 million people in India are alcohol addict.

Alcohol withdrawal symptoms:-

Physical -


Hand tremors

Visual hallucination

Seizures in most serious cases

Psychological –






How to reduce the dependence on alcohol?

Naturally the easiest way one can deny dependence on alcohol is to reduce its intake. A person must take break from drinking, regular intake of alcohol builds up tolerance in body to alcohol. Tolerance to any drug develops a response. The more you consume the drug, the more body creates the same response. Regular drinking generates certain enzymes that breaks down alcohol in the liver and when a person drinks regularly for months the level of these enzymes goes up which increases the tolerance and you crave for more alcohol. Breaking the drinking cycles is the important way to tackle the dependence on alcohol as it prevents the body to get addicted to the alcohol and help to lower and reset the level of your tolerance.

Some people believe that alcohol addiction does not have any cure and it just gets worse day by day. Treating this disease is not the challenge for doctors but for the patients because they get so aggressive and furious. This change in their behavior is probably because they are fighting with the craving that is beyond their reach and very difficult to control. The scenario has somewhat changed now there are now medicines available to fight this disease. For medicines to be effective the patient foremost should be willing to fight addiction and has to be sober. Willingness to give up on alcohol should be primary motto of an alcohol addict person. Medicines solely cannot help the person to give up on alcohol it’s his willingness and medical aid that help him fight alcoholism.

Alcohol addiction treatment:-

If you are tired of going to rehab centers and your hunt for the best alcohol addiction medicine is on the verge then all your worries are over with Dr. Hashmi’s alcohol addiction treatment - Antobacus. Antobacus is a medicine that is designed with featured herbs that are effective in fighting alcoholism. This medicine is lab tested, result oriented and a successful alcohol addiction treatment in India. It has won the credence of many hopeless patients. This medicine treats alcohol dependence, reduces and eliminates the craving for alcohol. It helps in soothing brain and nervous system. This medicine also helps in strengthening liver and filters efficiency. Liver is the most adversely affected organ by alcohol this medicine helps in healing and recovery of the liver. Not only liver but this medicine helps in nourishing all the other body organs affected by the adverse effects of alcohol. Depression and anxiety goes hand in hand with alcohol addiction this medicine also helps the patient gain back the normal mental state by treating stress and depression.

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