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Top Ways to Destroy Sensitive Documents

Author: Unicorllc Services
by Unicorllc Services
Posted: Feb 11, 2019
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Every office has its own share of sensitive documentation they would like to shred; it can be anything from a pay stub to a hard copy of an agreement between two companies, the list goes on. The point is that if you are looking for ways to safely dispose of sensitive documentation from your workplace, then do read on. You can search online for onsite document shredding services near me and that should provide you with a list of vendors who provide the same. But do read on to look into the various ways by which you can safely dispose of sensitive documents without a hassle.

  • Use Bleach: As corny as it sounds, applying bleach and then pulping the documents works wonders, to an extent anyway. You would need a large plastic container, one that can hold all your sensitive documents, and then you would need to empty a few containers of bleach into the same so that all the documents are covered with the same. After a while (approx. 24hrs), you can pulp the documents while taking care to wear protective wear to avoid getting bleach on yourself; the end result should be an unrecognizable pulp, one that would be hard to decipher.
  • Use Outdoor Incinerators: You can also use outdoor incinerators to burn sensitive documents along with other trash. The catch is that you may be required to stand close to the feeder to feed in the documents little by little so that they burn evenly without any leftovers. You can delegate this task to others but make sure that the person can be trusted with this task before you do so. Make sure that there is adequate ventilation to ensure a proper burn and that you do not run the risk of smoke inhalation. You can use lighter fluid to initiate the fire but make sure that check regularly to see that the flames do not die down.
  • Use Crosscut Shredders: You can get a document shredder or outsource this to a trusted company that specializes in document destruction. When using a shredder, always opt for crosscut shredder; since the purpose here is to render the documents indecipherable, it is important to use the crosscut variant than any other. Once all the documents are shredded, mix all the shredded strips together and pack them in different bags, before disposing of the lot. This additional measure prevents anyone from trying to put the strips back together.
  • Shredding Digital Documentation: There are many numbers of ways that you can get rid off digital documents starting with kicking delete in your laptop. But what is generally not known is no matter what digital document you delete from your laptop, a copy is generally maintained on your hard drive. So, to make sure that no copies can be retrieved from the same, you may want to use online programs to help rewrite the hard drive or opt to degauss it, which can render it useless.

These are some of the ways by which you can handle document destruction on your own or opt to search online for onsite paper shredding services near me which should provide you with a list of opting vendors who specialize in the same.

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