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Benefits of Water Dispenser over Bottled Water

Author: Diane Watersmart
by Diane Watersmart
Posted: Dec 13, 2017

You can find water coolers at many public places these days. Compared to the previously used bottled water dispensers, water coolers have proven to be more beneficial and economic option to choose. Here are a few benefits that make water coolers preferable over bottled water coolers.

Reduced Use of Plastic

Connecting a water cooler to a drinkable water source directly reduces the use of bottled water as fresh and clean water is always available. All you have to do is carry your own bottle. Its use results in reduction of use of plastic bottle which is beneficial for the environment thus providing us with better surroundings. Additionally, connecting mains fed water coolers results in reduction in storage of bottled water, in turn reducing the labor of carrying cartons of bottled water every now and then.

Purified Water

More or less all the dispensers come with a built in purifier that helps filter the water from the main supply thus providing clean and fresh water all the time! While there is no guarantee that the bottled water is safe as it claims to be, you can be sure of the water that is dispensed by the water dispenser.

Hot or Cold Water Required

The dispensers have various setting to dispense hot, warm or cold water as required. The user can select the setting and can get the water instantly.

Compact Models

The latest models of water coolers are compact and can be fitted in the smallest of spaces. There are compact coolers that can fit over or under the sink or placed on a platform to save more space. With these compact models, there is no tension of finding a place to keep the old bulky water coolers. Additionally, there is water fountain that can be fitted into the sink to save much more space.

Durable and Eco Friendly

Once installed, water coolers can be used for a long duration of time. The maintenance needed is limited to clean the purifier and taps. This is an easy task and is mostly taken care of by the manufacturing company itself. The water coolers are mostly made of stainless steel material which is an ecofriendly option over the plastic used for bottled water.

Downside of Water Coolers

With the long list of benefits, there are a few downsides of using water coolers. There must be a continuous supply of water for the purifier to work properly. Some water coolers work on electricity and therefore for them to work without any interruption a continuous electric supply is necessary. The purification works perfectly when the machine is well maintained. A check needs to be kept on the maintenance and servicing of the machine such that it keeps going on without causing disruption in flow of water.


In addition to being extremely economical, water coolers are a great way to save the environment. From the reduction in use of plastic to saving wastage of water, water coolers provide a lot of advantages over bottled water. There are many affordable and space saving options in the market to choose from.

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