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6 Mistakes You're Making That Risk Your Home Security

Author: Kevin Smith
by Kevin Smith
Posted: Dec 13, 2017

Home security is a necessity. Good security protects your valuables from theft, prevents vandalism, and protects you and your family from violent crime. These days, it's important to do all you can protect your home and everyone and everything inside.

However, there are 6 mistakes you and many other homeowners may be making, mistakes that actually threaten your security. Here are the 6 mistakes you should avoid in order to protect your home.

Leaving Windows UncoveredWindow tint and window coverings like curtains aren't just attractive, they protect your home. Day or night, no one should be able to see inside your home. Criminals can see valuables from outdoors, which will attract them to your property. They also shouldn't get an idea of your home's layout, lest they easily navigate it once inside.

Leaving Your Property in the DarkExterior lighting protects your home from thieves who'd gladly walk up to your front door at night if they knew they'd go unseen. Light up your porch, walkways, and curb, as well as your fence. If criminals don't feel invisible on your property, they'll move along instead of targeting you.

Leaving Valuables OutdoorsYour backyard isn't as private as you think it is. Criminals can find their way inside if they spot bicycles, mobile barbecue pits, and other valuables there. Always put away valuables in a closet or shed, then lock them away.

Only Being Vigilant at NightCrime isn't just a nighttime occurrence. Criminals can get away with crime during the day, especially when everyone is at work at your neighborhood is mostly empty. Take all safety precautions you would take at night when you leave for work in the morning. Close and lock all windows and doors, cover your windows, and set your alarm.

Public PackingIf you're packing up to go on vacation, do so as quietly as possible, and don't load up your luggage on the front driveway. Pack in your garage with doors closed, or at least park your car where it can't be seen from the street, if at all possible. When you announce to the neighborhood that you're leaving, your house becomes aimmediate target for crime.

Relying on a Basic Alarm SystemBasic alarm systems can't stop crime, nor can it outsmart criminals. A basic motion control sensor system can be easily disengaged, and criminals know how to grab your best valuables and leave in just a few minutes, before the police can arrive. The best house security systems in Mantua, NJ, include features that actually deter crime, including video cameras and responsive security teams.

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