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3 Trees That Grow Oddly and How to Service Them

Author: Kevin Smith
by Kevin Smith
Posted: Dec 13, 2017

Trees are vital living components of the natural landscape, and lend incredible services to your home. Your trees offer you shade, clean and cool air, healthier grass, and so much more, not to mention their beautiful appearance. However, trees can sometimes be problematic, especially if they grow abnormally.

Some trees have naturally unusual growth patterns, and if one of these trees listed below happens to exist on your property, it can be highly problematic.

The Risks of Unusual Tree Growth

Most trees are kind enough to grow vertically and extend their branches and leaves in a dome-like formation. Unfortunately, other unusual growths can be a risk to your home and other plant life. For example, branches can extend toward your roof or windows. A serious storm can shake these growths loose and torpedo them into your house.

Trees can also grow onto a neighbor's property, causing neighborhood disputes if leaves and sticks fall into other lawns. Worse, trees can extend toward other plants and steal light and water from them. It's best for your yard if you try to keep your trees in a healthy, vertical shape within your property.


Unfortunately, some trees, like the common oak tree, don't like to play by the rules. Some species of oak sprawl out in unusual directions, and can even grow more horizontally than vertically. Professional tree pruning in Edmonton is your solution to "training" these trees, or pruning them to encourage vertical growth.

Weeping Hemlock

These dramatic trees with sinking branches are uniquely beautiful, but their hanging branches can be a threat to other plant life or, if they become large enough, your home itself. The trick to pruning these trees is to contain their growths so they become dense and do not extend too far horizontally.


Birch trees are renowned for their colorful leaves and gorgeous white bark with dramatic strokes of black and tan. While these trees are beautiful and stalwart under ordinary conditions, they are capable of growing at unusual leans in search of water and sunlight. They will need to be pruned to grow as upright as possible.

How Pruning Helps

The act of pruning a tree, or safely cutting branches and other growths, feeds resources into healthy and appropriate limbs and discourages unusual growths. It is a long and committed process, but tree care experts can visit your trees often to continue to encourage safe and beautiful growth patterns. Tree pruning in Edmonton is a safe solution for the above tree species and any other unusual trees on your property.

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