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Level Up Your Worship of God with Beautiful Pooja Mandir for Your Pooja Room

Author: Rahul Agarwal
by Rahul Agarwal
Posted: Dec 15, 2017

A mandir is a sacred and special place that helps you reconnect with god and attain peace that’s essential for worship. Decorating your pooja mandir is one way to show your devotion to worship and today, there are numerous ways you can create a worship space that’s beautiful and highly conducive to worship and meditation. An essential part of any Indian or Hindu home, the mandir is believed to spread divine energy while keeping negativity away. Central to this worship space is the pooja mandir or the altar, which can now be made out of a wide variety of materials, ranging from traditional wood to marble. This gives you more options to beautify and decorate your worship space and express devout commitment to the religious tradition.

The holiest place in the house, a mandir must be designed accordingly. There are certain guidelines one must follow in order to properly set-up a mandir room or area. For instance, a pooja mandir cannot be installed in just any corner of the home. Typically, the altar must be placed in either the north, east, or north-east corner of the house. Prayers must likewise be done facing east. Keeping the holy place clean at all times is also a must. Before you place idols in the pooja mandir, it is important to clean the altar thoroughly as a sign of respect and commitment to the practice. Offering flowers, lighting the lamps, and burning incense are all part of the pooja mandir worship ritual. A Rangoli must likewise be drawn in front of the pooja, although readily available stickers can be found in the market, particularly in stores specializing in Indian products and items that help preserve the culture. Rangoli stickers sold online are typically embellished with all kinds of decorative elements, including pearls and stones, to help you keep your pooja mandir looking beautiful.

Another way to decorate your mandir is placing attractive pieces of cloth underneath the idols. Red and orange are popular colors to choose. You may even hang beaded garlands or plastic flowers and lay out a series of lights or electric diyas/lamps to add to the aesthetic appeal of your pooja mandir.

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