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VR Cardboard – Google VR Cardboard

Author: George Michael
by George Michael
Posted: Feb 25, 2018
virtual reality

What is a VR cardboard?

Google Cardboard is a computer-generated reality (VR) device made by Google for usage with a head mount for a smartphone. The device is not only inexpensive but it also provides the users a platform to experience virtual reality in the most amazing way. It is simple to run; users route Cardboard-friendly apps on their cell phone, put the phone into the rear of the viewer, and watch the screen via the lenses attached.

VR Cardboards are very simply constructed. The headset terms were premeditated by Google, which completed the array of portions, diagrams, and assemblage commands generously available on their website, permitting people to bring together the Cardboard on their own from easily accessible parts.

Google delivers additional endorsements for hefty built-up, and pre-assembled gears based on these plans are offered for less than US$5 from manifold retailers, who have also fashioned a sum of Cardboard distinctions.

After it is created, a smartphone is implanted in the back of the device with a fastening piece ready to keep it upright. A Google Cardboard–compatible app ruptures the smartphone display image into dual, obviously accommodating both eyes of the viewer simultaneously smearing barrel bend to each duplicate in order to avoid the evitable pincushion alteration from the lenses. A 3 dimensional image comes into play with a magnificent outlook.

Best Virtual Reality Apps for Google Cardboard

VR Cardboard compatible apps:

  1. 1. Google Earth is available by means of the Google Cardboard app that also has other features up its sleeve. One smartphone and a tad of cardboard is all you need to travel anywhere in the world and enjoy the experience! And that is completely radical!
  2. 2. Roller coaster apps are the wildest way to experience virtual reality via the VR cardboard. The app called "VR Roller Coaster attraction" takes the operator from end to end a fascinating jungle locale that provides a very natural sort of fun.
  3. 3. Insidious VR is fashioned after the famous horror movie, and outlooks a platform where virtual reality can really get in the game. It seats the user in a household plagued by supernatural events and beings. Now isn’t that fun for a sleepover?
  4. 4. Lanterns have been used for Halloween décor but their main purpose lies in bringing out a serenity and glow to an otherwise common household. Virtual reality that features such can take you into an area where the setting is as per your mood. You can modify the time of day, over and above the number of lanterns fluctuating in the sky. This way, after that spooky ride in the haunted house, you can find peace beside a calm pond.
  5. Vr Cardboard Camera is a comparatively new app from Google intended absolutely for Cardboard. It allows the user to capture 360-degree panoramic 3D snapshots that can then be seen using the headset. The downside is that you cannot share these yet!

This new system has brought forth the pleasures of life while sitting at home! So when are you going out to buy one?

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