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Solar Pool Heating: How Much You Need to Invest?

Author: Sun Lover
by Sun Lover
Posted: Dec 18, 2017

Heating a pool is among the biggest energy expense that a family has to bear. But this issue and financial expense can be easily solved with the help of solar pool heater, even in the middle of winter season.


When you own a pool, you must be aware about the fact that heating it can cause you a huge utility bill. Though, it is possible to take some practical measures which help you to reduce the cost.

Numerous people who have complaints regarding the utility bills that they need to pay just because of heating their pools, is just because that they avoid taking the common measures to take care of the bills. The most common cost among them is the energy needed to operate the water filter circulation devices. It is better to invest money on high power pump which allows you to save money, as it allows you to pump more in less time.

The other thing is to make sure that you are covering your pool properly to avoid the heat escapes from it. In the cases when you are not using the pool, it is recommended to cover it just the way individuals cover their hot tub. The suggested device is the solar bubble heater cover, which allows the sun rays to go in it and heat the water. Along with this, utilizing a pool cover, has a huge impact on your pool heating cost.

The best ways is to contact pool heating Perth based firm Sun Lover Heating, which are experts in solar panel installation services for installing a solar pool heating system, which is the best way to lower the energy bills and even help you to get some levy on taxes and a profitable investment over a period of time. Solar panel swimming pool heating frameworks are very easy to install and will be there for years to come, when installed by professionals in the correct manner. Just like any other installed solar panel on commercial and residential space installed by Sun lover heating professionals, it gathers the sun’s heat and transforms it to be useful to heat the pool. These system are easy to operate and can help in getting the pool heat with solar energy or any size or shape till the till you have sufficient solar collectors in the system.

Solar Panels for Swimming Pool:

These devices required sufficient exposure to sun to properly heat the pool. Generally these systems are installed near the swimming pool or on the roof of the home to get most exposure. The best arrangement for this kind of devices is to place the solar panels the pool is due south to collect the sunlight for the major portion of the day. This will lead to proper and sufficient heating of your swimming pool.

The Functioning of the panels:

The way these solar panels are work for the pool is very effective yet very simple. The panels have a network of pipes accessible inside the enclosure which is weatherproof. Then the water starts flowing from the pipes network and during its flowing through the pipes, it gets heated by the solar energy. As the system has numerous small pipes incorporated which eventually increase the surface area of water, which leads to faster heating of water. After that the warmed water returned to the pool. There is a thermostat installed on the system which properly regulates the water’s temperature, as soon as the pool reached its predetermined heating point, the water is diverted in the system until the temperature drops to its defined point.

How many panels you might need?

Making a choice about the number of solar panels you require for the pool is based on calculating the overall surface area of the pool. This can be quite tricky in most of the cases as there are many pools which have unique and unusual shapes based on the taste and interest of the pool owner. In this case you can just make an approximation of the required pools to find its total surface area which help you design the system. Though it is possible that you can heat the pool with a small system, but having a panel equal to the half of the size of the pool will help you to heat the pool in less time, gathers more energy and consumes less energy.

Sun lover heating is the best in industry and offers the customized solar panel installation service and expert in pool heating services in Perth.

For solar panel installation to heat your pool contact Pool heating Perth based business Sun lover heating, the best in industry with the experts and professionals to help individuals get the best solar panels for their commercial as well as residential space.

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