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Reasons Why You Should Pursue Marine Engineering Course.

Author: Tayeeb Khan
by Tayeeb Khan
Posted: Dec 19, 2017

Love Sea/Oceans and adventure? Marine Engineering is the perfect career path for you. I understand, you might have your reservations about the course and that is the reason why this article came into existence.

I have seen so many questions around social media’s about the career, scope, Job opportunities etc. and the most asked question is, which are the Best Marine Engineering Colleges in Chennai? Though I have already answered that question, Reasons why you should pursue Marine Engineering is something that came to my mind.

I just thought there would people who would love to have some reasons to back their decision of pursuing a career in Marine Engineering and that though was the inception of this article.

Enough of chit chat, let’s jump onto the actual topic and have a look at top 10 Reasons why you should pursue Marine Engineering course.

  1. The Adventure and Thrill: I know this is a tangential topic but yet it is true. The thrill of working in the middle of an ocean is amazing. You can ask any marine engineer about it. Just imagine showing off pictures of vast oceans and your work environment to your friends, that’ll give you an idea.
  2. The Scope of Marine Engineering: A vast percentile of world’s commerce depends on ships, may it be from transporting oils to clothes and everything else in between. The job opportunities in the field are just huge. The seas in today’s time are dotted with huge and complex ships for transporting cargo’s and oil.
  3. Job Opportunities: According to our research there is a chance for 9% of growth in jobs for Marine Engineers during the period of 2017-2025. That is huge when compared to most of the other verticals. With so many ever increasing job opportunities, I don’t think it’ll be tough to find a job after the completion of Marine Engineering Course.
  4. Great Pay Scales: Instead of writing a whole paragraph about it I’ll just put up a list of average salaries and it’ll be easier for you to get an idea of Salaries you can draw if you join Marine.

a. Fifth Engineer or Engineering Cadet: 35 to 75k per Month.

b. Fourth Engineer : Rs 1.5 to 2.25 lacs INR per month

c. Third Engineer : Rs 2.75- 3.5 lacs INR per month

d. Second Engineer : Rs 4 to 5 lacs INR per month

e. Chief Engineer : Rs 5 lacs and above INR per month

  1. Responsibilities: There are chances that some of you may disagree with this. Not everyone likes responsibilities, at least not the early ones. But officers on ship do get some early responsibilities to hold on to. Here Early means, the beginning of career. Getting responsibilities as soon as you join is a big thing and marine engineers do get them.
  2. Opportunity to Travel: If you are a traveler and love adventure, you are in for a jackpot. You would already know that after your Marine Engineering course, you are entitled for long travels on those vast oceans. So your job is more or less like travelling around the world. But there is catch, there are chances that you may not get to leave the ship in some of the shores.
  3. Long Holidays: With spending so much of time on the ship in the midst of sea, you are entitled for long holidays where you can make up for your absence. Not all jobs have long holidays, but this one definitely has.

Every job has its own pro’s and con’s. If we start looking at Pro’s and ignoring con’s, there is a better chance of enjoying what we do. At the end of the day, loving what you do is the only thing that matters. So If you want to get into Marine Engineering Course, start applying for some of the Best Marine Engineering Colleges in Chennai. If you think of some more reasons, I would be happy to update this list.

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