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A Beginner's Guide to Liqueurs

Author: Kevin Smith
by Kevin Smith
Posted: Dec 20, 2017

The term "liqueur" is likely to confuse the public, from its unusual spelling to its similarity to the word "liquor", which most people can define as a strong alcoholic spirit, including tequila and vodka.

Liqueurs are flavored, infused, and/or sweetened beverages that are designed for cocktail mixing or as a flavorful addition to popular spirits. They also have a much lower alcohol content than spirits do.

So which liqueurs do you need for your home bar? What are some interesting and flavorful liqueurs that you've yet to try? If you're preparing beverages for a party or a relaxing weekend and are wondering, "Where's a liquor store near me, open now, in Oakwood, GA?" review this list of liqueurs you'll want to try with your next drink.


An almond-flavored Italian liqueur that many people compare to the flavor of maraschino cherries, this liqueur is extremely versatile in popular cocktails like the Italian margarita. It's also an excellent addition to strong coffee.

Coffee Liqueur

Well-Known coffee additives include Kahlua, made of coffee, rum, real vanilla, and a hint of sugar for a deliciously warm and comforting drink. Bailey's is another popular coffee liqueur because of its creamy flavor and quality Irish whiskey composition.


A necessity for classic cocktails, including martinis and Manhattans, vermouth comes in dry or sweet varieties. This fortified wine is infused with botanicals for an extremely fragrant experience.

Triple Sec

Widely used in cocktails, triple sec is an orange-flavored liqueur that adds a fresh and bright flavor to virtually any spirit. It also prevents sweetened cocktails like the hurricane from tasting weak.


A popular South American liqueur that has recently hit American stores, this colorful liqueur is made of the laraha fruit's flavorful peel. Try it for a curiously unique twist on margaritas and other classic cocktails.


One of the few liqueurs that's satisfying enough to drink straight, this satisfying beverage is made of real Scotch whisky, a secret blend of spices, and honey. It's potent and flavorful qualities make it comparable to a pre-mixed cocktail.


Bitter but satisfying, Campari is an aperitif, or social drink consumed to stimulate the appetite before a meal. Ingredients include orange, bitter herbs, and spices. It's essential in the Negroni, a classic Italian cocktail.


Orange-flavored but far less bitter than Campari, Aperol is a fragrant liqueur with a floral, springtime flavor. It's called for in many mixed drinks, including the amber road and Aperol spritz.

There are many more varieties of liqueurs that you can stock in your home bar. Punch up any spirit with one of the above, or try schnapps, Creme de cacao, Creme de menthe, and other popular liqueurs. So next time you ask yourself, "Where's a liquor store near me, open now, in Oakwood, GA?" also ask yourself, "Which exotic liqueur should I try next?"

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