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5 Different Types of Trees Saws and Their Uses

Author: Corey McNeil
by Corey McNeil
Posted: Dec 22, 2017

Christmas is around the corner and everyone wants to decorate their home with the beautiful Christmas tree, isn’t? Every year you spent well enough to buy an embellish tree for your living area but why don’t you try something different yet adventures this time. This year choose your branch and cut it down by yourself like I do in every Christmas, exciting isn’t? Well, Well, Well… I know after reading this the first question that comes to your mind is how to cut your desired branch with an ease. Fear not! I am here to discuss some of the trees saw and their uses which will help you in future. With these saws you can also cut those unwanted thick tree branch in your lawn. So here we go.

Tree Saws are generally of two types Hand Saws and Power Saws. You might be cutting down trees or clearing fallen branches. You might want to do thin out a big tree or some light pruning. There are the number of saws designed for each of these jobs. Here I am discussing few Hand Saws and Power Saws which I personally use.

Hand Saws

Hand saws are considered as the oldest and traditional category of saws which are powered only by human effort. They are further divided into some categories: Coping Saw, Back Saw, Bow Saw, Crosscut Saw, Fret Saw, Japanese Saw, and more. No collection is complete without at least one of these, with the help of hand saws you can cut wood into different shapes. Hand Saws are used in wood-cutting and furniture building.

Coping Saw

The coping saw is generally popular among artists, this U-shaped saw is perfect for trim work, scrolling and other cutting which needs precision and intricate cuts. I personally use this saw as I have a keen interest in woodworking or carpentry. Unlike a handsaw, coping saw has the pointed teeth away from the handle, this U-shaped saw cuts on the poll stroke.

Crosscut Saw

Another handsaw which is in my woodworking toolkit is Crosscut cut. This is specially designed for rough cutting wood. This saw has a comparatively thick blade, with beveled and large teeth. This 2-men traditional Crosscut Saw have a handle on each end which is used by two men to cut the material. This saw is widely used to cut the rough cutting lumber, trimming limbs or branches and if you are planning for camping, this tool is must to keep in with you.

Keyhole Saw

Whether you call it as an alligator saw, jab saw or drywall saw this Keyhole Saw is a long, narrow saw which is used to rough cut circles or patterns. Keyhole saws are specially used to remove or replace a small section from any object.

Power Saws

The other major categories of saws after hand saws which you will find in my tool collection is some Power Saws. These saws can be powered directly by the electrical connection, batteries, internal combustion engine and more. Power Saws are of three types Circular Blade Saw, Reciprocating Blade Saw, and Continuous Band Saw. From these three, I use Circular Blade Saw and Reciprocating Blade Saw. Here I am going to tell you there uses.

Circular Blade Saw

Circular Blade Saw can also be known as Buzz Saw or Skil Saw. This circular saw has a toothed blade typically between 7 to 9 inches in diameter. Circular Blade Saw is specially designed to cut straight lines in plywood, rigid foam board, lumber or even concrete. Whether you want to cut wood, plastic, masonry and more this tool is the best buy.

Reciprocating Blade Saw

This power saw is a mechanical saw that moves a blade back and forth to cut the objects. Reciprocating Blade Saw can be attached or handheld to a fixed place. These saws make demolition easier and more fun. Most of my woodworking tools are from Hooyman. These tools make my word 10 times easier. Their sharp blades can easily cut any rough wood within a couple of minutes what you need is a right tool.

Hardware stores are full of different kinds of saws but with good research, you will be able to decide which saw you need. Instead of roaming in any tree market to buy the perfect Christmas tree, try to save your time and money and make this Christmas more interesting with your family with these ultimate woodworking tools.

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