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A Guide to Tequila Mixed Drinks

Author: Dean Martin
by Dean Martin
Posted: Dec 23, 2017

Rum, vodka, gin...these tend to be the go-to liquors when it comes to mixing cocktails. However, one of the most overlooked cocktail liquors is tequila. Tequila has a unique flavor, a bit of a bite, and it makes for some fun cocktails. Here is what you need to know about making tequila mixed drinks.

Not just for shots

Tequila is far more versatile than most people give it credit for. Although it can absolutely be taken as a shot on its own—and is a good choice for that, especially if you choose a high-quality brand—tequila makes for a great choice for mixed cocktails. Tequila mixed drinks are unique, exciting, and bright in flavor, and they are a fantastic choice for sipping.

Tequila pairs well with a number of flavors, leaving you with endless possibilities for tequila mixed drinks. Don't be afraid to go beyond lime and mix with flavors like orange, ginger, grapefruit, or sage. Or you can branch out even further and mix with blackberry, strawberry, rosemary, or other unexpected flavors that pair surprisingly well and create cocktails with a kick.

Flavored Tequila

Tequila also comes in flavored varieties that are great for sipping or shots, but it can also be used in tequila mixed drinks. Look for flavors like mango, orange, lime, and even chili pepper to add even more excitement to your tequila mixed drinks. Just remember that flavored tequilas stand quite well on their own, so you don't need to add too much in order to make them shine in a mixed drink.

What to Look for in a Tequila

The key in making a good tequila mixed drink is to pick a good quality tequila. Something to consider is that, if your tequila doesn't taste good enough to comfortably sip on its own (without the typical embellishments of salt and a lime wedge), then it's going to add quite a bite to your mixed tequila drink. If you want a more subtle flavor in your mixed drink, look for a variety that has a smooth, enjoyable taste when sipped on its own.

Tequila is actually sold in different grades as well. Looking at the grade gives you an idea of the quality of the tequila before you event taste it, making your purchasing decision a little easier. On the lowest end of the spectrum, you have white grades (you'll need that salt and lime to get a white grade down). Next is silver, then gold, both of which have an edgier flavor, but are smoother than white. On the finer end of things you have Reposados and Añejo tequilas, both of which can be easily sipped on their own. So next time you decide to mix up a cocktail, before you reach for the vodka, rum, or gin, why not change things up and go for a tequila mixed drink? The options are endless, and the results are always fresh, fun and a treat for your taste buds.

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