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Types Of Addiction

Author: Robert Smith
by Robert Smith
Posted: Mar 29, 2014
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Addiction is termed as a habit which has adverse consequences, but a person still continues to engage in such practices despite the consequences. Addiction can also be defined as a neurological harm which leads to such repetitive behavior in the patient. Addictions are hard to treat and generally end up ending the life of an addict. With the medical advancements that have been achieved in the past few decades, it is possible to give addiction recovery treatment along with a psychological treatment.

There are various types of addictions. How can you know if a person is addicted? An addict may exhibit one or all of these behaviors.

  • Serious cravings arise regarding the substance and the addict generally ends up restless if the substance is not available.
  • There is no control on the amount and the frequency of use of the substance.
  • Not being able to leave the practice without withdrawal.
  • Deterioration of the body or mind because of the use of the substance.
  • Lying to friends or loved ones about the addict’s activities.
  • Stealing money from friends or loved ones to support the addiction.
  • Taking serious risks in order to feed the addiction.

Drugs, alcohol and smoking

These are the most common types of addiction. People are often addicted to the use of drugs and alcohol because of the alleged relief it provides them from the stress of their lives. A drug can heighten emotions and give the user a feeling of well-being. The addict craves the relief and feeling of well-being. These cravings take the shape of addiction when the person is no longer able to stay away from the use of the substance. Even though drugs and alcohol give momentary relief from stress because of their ability to slow down the nervous system, these addictive substances have long term consequences on the body. Use of drugs causes internal organ damage, while alcohol is known to damage liver and kidneys. Organ failure is the final result. Addiction recovery treatment is most often sought for these types of addictions because of the need for medications; however, there are other addictions which can be just as destructive.


Trying one’s luck occasionally is not addiction, but some people get so enthralled with this idea that they end up becoming gambling addicts. This addiction is the second largest addiction and is responsible for a number of suicides and homicides. People addicted to gambling often end up losing all their money and even their property. Such consequences can cause addicts to go into depression and even commit suicide.

Eating disorders

This is a type of addiction, which leads to either the person becoming overweight or anorexic. This addiction results in eating disorders which are beyond the control of an individual and lead to a lot of health problems and can even cause death in extreme situations. This is the second most common reason addicts seek addiction recovery treatment and there are many methods and treatments for food addictions.


Sex addiction is associated with the urges to engage in sexual activities more often than normal, including during business hours or late into the night instead of spending time with one’s children, spouse, family or friends. It is associated with wanton behavior and risk-taking. This kind of addiction poses a problem to close family members and also leads to acts of violence and sexual assault.

All these addictions, however, can be cured by addiction recovery treatment. This treatment is available in various rehabilitation centers around the world.

Addictions can make people mentally unstable and cause a lot of harm to the people around them. Addiction recovery treatment can be given to the patients in order to help them come out of the addiction and stay free of the addiction through support. If you are based in Nashville, TN, you may visit the following website - Addiction Rehab Clinic In Nashville.

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