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5 tips for choosing the best Mobile washing agency in Vancouver Island

Author: Shubham Bhattacharjee
by Shubham Bhattacharjee
Posted: Dec 27, 2017
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Let’s say that you are having a long and stressful day to start with. You know that you have a few assignments to finish by the end of the day and on top of that pick up the kids from school. However, there is more in store for you. Your boss suddenly tells you that a big client is coming to visit them and needs to be picked up from the airport. And who is the best guy for the job? You of course, as long as you take your car. Well, that beats hiring an expensive car service! However, you know that is going to be a big problem! Your car is a mess, thanks to the kids. Now you are in a dilemma! You cannot say no to your boss, but neither can you allow the client to travel in a car at this state! Oh, and you cannot leave the office early either to take your car to a garage or a car washing facility.

Thankfully for you, there is a handy service called Mobile washing in Vancouver Island. These are service providers who come to you to get the job done. As you can see, this is highly convenient! You don’t need to take your car anywhere, and you don’t need to leave the office. All you need to do is meet up with them once and tell them where your car is. You may either wait to oversee the work or you may come back later and pay up. The service shall result in your car looking perfectly clean fast.

Now, you have seen how useful these services can be. But from so many providers, how will you choose the one who is most suitable for you? Here are a few pointers to help you out.

  1. The right equipment: Look at their website of call them directly to inquire whether they have the proper equipment for the job. Having the proper pressure washing machine is essential. A poor quality machine or a totally different machine may just damage your car instead.
  2. Cleaning supplies: Ask the company’s representative what kind of detergents, cleaners and other cleaning supplies they use. Do they leave smudges and odors after the job? Are they capable of damaging particular surfaces? Do they leave any residue?
  3. A dedicated representative: Does the company’s owner or the representative have a dedicated cell phone number? This is useful for reaching the person in case any emergency comes. For instance, if you see that the agency did not deliver a job, you want to be able to reach out and tell the company what happened. A good agency always provides a dedicated customer care number.
  4. Flexibility of service: Will the agency be able to provide the service when you are free, and when it is convenient to you? A good agency will offer these things.

5. Price and ease of payment: Is the price fair or is it too much in the comparison to the other providers? Does the Mobile washing agency in Vancouver Island offers several modes of payment?

Hopefully, these 5 tips for choosing the best Mobile washing agency in Vancouver Island can be of help to you.

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Author: Shubham Bhattacharjee

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