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A Good Anti Aging Skin Care Product is Easy to Pick

Author: Milen Hope
by Milen Hope
Posted: Jan 01, 2018
skin care

Just imagine if you could confidently pick your way through the heaps of anti-aging skin care products store assistants push at you, and the screaming intimidating billboards, and seductive untruthful glossy magazine covers, and find an anti-aging skin care treatment that actually works, day after day. And is modestly priced.

Wouldn’t that be something?

There are several reasons it’s so hard to find the right anti aging skin care product.

Sheer volume is one. There are a staggering 11 billion personal care products sold in this country each year. How can you possibly find the good ones without some specialized help.

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And another reason is the lies and hype of smartly dressed store assistants. How do you know if they are telling you the truth?

Finally, there is the plain greed of store owners and product manufacturers. There is $1.6 billion worth of skin care products sold here each year. And, unfortunately, because there is money to be made there are many unscrupulous peddlers who will offer fake anti-aging skin care treatment.So try to select good brand beauty products.

On the other hand, there are some truly stunning, effective products out there that will help you look younger and more vibrant.

You can easily tell the fake ones by opening the top and smelling them.

If they have a strong, deliberate fragrance put them back on the shelf. Many anti aging skin care cream products have a "nice" smell added in the factory. The chemicals that make this trick work have toxins. And these will get in through the pores of your skin into your bloodstream. Avoid that, even if the product is cheap and smells heavenly.

A good perfume or body spray will give you a fragrance. And it only needs to be spotted in one or two small areas of your skin. The anti-aging skin care product that smells strongly has to be rubbed and massaged across large areas of your body. The dangers and risks associated with that are high.

Another thing to look for is the word "collagen" on the product label.

If an anti-aging skin care product includes this compound, refuse to use it. Manufacturers are trying to trick you when they include Collagen in their products and promote it as a natural, young-skin enhancer. It’s not.

OK. It is true that your skin ages, sags and wrinkles because the natural collagen in the skin breaks down as it gets older. And it’s logical to assume that if you rub some in, this will compensate for the loss of natural collagen. But actually, the molecules are too big to enter your skin when simply rubbed across the surface. The only way you can replenish collagen is to use compounds that will stimulate your own body to produce more collagen in its own way and time.

So, there are two things to watch for, as you select an anti-aging skin care treatment.


Price is another thing to look at. You want a good product, but at a good price.

The people who make anti aging skin care products know they are selling into an emotionally charged market. They deliberately play with what you feel about your looks. So expensive marketing is one of their biggest sales tactics. They put more money and emphasis on this than on the research needed to make quality products that work.

What celebrities picks:

That’s why you see glamorous models and celebrities promoting these products. Beauty sells. It’s why skin care products come in elegant glass containers or stylish tubes. Appealing design sells. That’s why they spend thousands of dollars for full-page ads in glossy fashion magazines or on television. Constant, manipulative branding sells.

This costs huge amounts of money.

Take the many models and celebrities who endorse an anti-aging skin care product. Elle Macpherson is the latest face of Revlon, joining Halle Berry, Jessica Alba and Beau Garrett as glamorous stars sponsored by the cosmetic giant. How much is Revlon paying them? At Chanel, Nicole Kidman is the face of No. 5. Keira Knightley promotes Coco Mademoiselle. Claudia Schiffer, Jane Fonda, Pierce Brosnan, Penelope Cruz and others endorse L’Oreal.

These companies pay millions of dollars for these celebrity endorsements. And they have to include that in the price of their products.

What Smaller Brand does:

This is one reason I go to the smaller, quality manufacturers when I recommend a vanity item … like an anti-aging skin care product. Because these smaller companies can keep their costs down and have more of their profits available for extra research and development.

Final Words:

So there you have it. Look for an anti-aging skin care product that deliberately leaves out fragrance, contains compounds that will encourage your body to naturally replenish the collagen in your skin, and is made by a small company with high standards, a development program and without a celebrity on the marketing payroll.

This is how you can take the best care of your skin.

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My name is Milen hope, and I am the creator of Beauty Talk Me.

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Author: Milen Hope

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