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What You Need to Know About Transvaginal Mesh Related Lawsuits

Author: Louis Hawkins
by Louis Hawkins
Posted: Jan 02, 2018
transvaginal mesh

Complicated medical procedures always carry some risk and can cause health concerns. However, these side effects should be acceptable according to established medical standards set in place to protect the patients. If the risks of the procedure outweigh the rewards, patients need to be informed so they can make the right decision based on facts. Unfortunately, some medicines and procedures slip through the cracks and cause a lot of harm to patients. One of the most serious recent examples of this is the cases revolving synthetic transvaginal mesh implants.

What is transvaginal mesh?

Synthetic transvaginal mesh is a synthetic fabric-like implant placed in the pelvic region to repair damaged tissue and muscle due to pelvic organ prolapse or stress urinary incontinence. There are similar meshes made from biological material available to patients but people chose the synthetic mesh because it was presented as a good alternative to other meshes.

This mesh was fast tracked through the FDA approval process because similar meshes worked within acceptable parameters and didn’t cause many complications. Unfortunately, this was a mistake that caused several patients to develop health problems and infections over time. This procedure is performed on 100,000 patients every year, which means the potential for harm is too great to ignore.

FDA has received several thousand reports from patients and medical professionals regarding the risks involved with this implant and a few of these reports included fatalities so the implant does have serious consequences. The frequency of these reports and problems forced FDA to declare that complications were not rare. The side effects include:

  • Infections near and around the implant area.
  • Injuries and internal bleeding caused by the edges of the mesh digging into the delicate tissue around the implant.
  • Erosion of the implant, which can lead to the synthetic material traveling through your blood stream and harming other organs
  • Severe abdominal pain and cramps.
  • Severe pain during sexual intercourse.

Many patients have filed lawsuits against the manufacturers of these meshes and have already seen multimillion dollar settlements.

Transvaginal mesh lawsuit update

There’s a small window for you to file a lawsuit against manufacturers involved because these cases are subject to the Statute of Limitations. The filing period can range from a year to two years based on the state you reside in. An experienced lawyer will help determine if the case is still valid and if there’s a chance for you to win. Here are some reasons why people are filing lawsuits and keeping up with mesh lawsuit update:

  • The testing process was fast tracked so manufacturers and the FDA were lax in their duty to ensure the procedure was relatively safe to use.
  • The synthetic implant was presented as a better alternative and patients weren’t warned of the consequences of the procedure.
  • Patients weren’t able to make an informed decision regarding the procedure.
  • Once the mesh is implanted, it can’t be removed easily and requires several additional surgeries.

An experienced lawyer will offer advice on the case, recommend solutions and keep providing a mesh lawsuit update to ensure you’re informed and can make the best decisions.

About the Author

The author is an eminent lawyer and professional in the field of law and legal matters. In this article, he has tried to make people aware about the transvaginal mesh its side effect. So that the person who is sufferring can be rightly compensated.

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