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Make an everlasting impression over your guest with Minimax Plywood

Author: Minimax Plywood
by Minimax Plywood
Posted: Jan 05, 2018

Most types of wood eventually get damaged with time and prolonged exposure to water. However, good quality waterproof plywood is built in such a way that it offers a better degree of resistance to water, compared to natural solid wood or commercial MR grade plywood. The reason for this is that a phenolic resin (which is a synthetic plastic resin) is used for gluing all the individual plies together. Utilization of materials like synthetic plastic resin helps in making the plywood waterproof.

What is the grade used to indicate waterproof ply?

Most countries have their own grading system. In India, 'BWR grade' plywood means waterproof plywood. BWR stands for 'Boiling Water Resistant'. There is also another similar sounding grade called BWP (Boiling water proof) which is usually used for marking block boards. In case of waterproof plywood, the grade BWR is marked on the plywood sheets.

Is waterproof plywood same as Marine plywood?

No. Waterproof plywood (BWR grade) is different from Marine plywood. Marine plywood is specifically built so as to resist a prolonged exposure to water. Superiority checks for marine plywood involve submerging a sample piece in boiling water for a period of 72 hours, and then checking its strength and other properties.

Marine plywood is costlier than waterproof ply and used for marine applications such as for constructing boats and ships. When office or home furniture is created, marine ply is usually overkill, and good quality waterproof plywood serves the purpose in most cases.

Is waterproof plywood exterior grade?

Yes. Plywood is also classified as interior grade and exterior grade plywood. Interior grade is meant for indoor use, while exterior is for outdoor use where the wood is likely to get exposed to natural weather elements (meaning a bit of rain and sunshine). In case of outdoor use, selecting Marine ply or water resistant plywood is a decision to be taken on a case to case basis, depending on the intended application. (Sample for the purpose of roofing, marine plywood would be better).

In India, Commercial MR (Moisture resistant) plywood is meant for interior use, while BWR grade can be used outdoors. In other countries different grading systems are in place. E.g. in USA, the codes 'INT' and 'EXT' are used to indicate these grades. If you want to make your house look more elegant and striking, but don’t know how, then Minimax Plywood will be the best solution for your abode. The most prominent thing that reflects first when someone enters your house is your furniture. Minimax offers best quality plywood to add extra grace to interior. Therefore, without wasting a single minute immediately get in touch with one of the leading plywood manufacturers Minimax and make an everlasting impression over your guest.

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Minimax is one of the best plywood manufacturers in India who quotes reasonable plywood board price.

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