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6 Reasons to Consider a Polyester Round Sling for Your Jobsite

Author: John Hrq
by John Hrq
Posted: Jan 03, 2018

For any professional in the heavy lift industry, choosing the right equipment is one of the most important steps of any project. There are so many different types of slings and so many different conditions of jobsite that sometimes choosing that right piece of equipment can seem incredibly overwhelming. Thankfully, coming to understand the various strengths and weaknesses of each type of sling is possibly the best way to clear up that feeling of being overwhelmed. For that reason, we’ve created this blog article, which will explore some of the strengths of the Polyester Round Sling so that you can come to better understand the equipment available to you.

1. Excellent Base Price

The base cost of a polyester round sling is considerably less than almost any other type of sling. The first reason for this fact is that polyester is very easy to manufacture and ship due to its synthetic nature and lightweight design. Also, the basic design of round slings contributes to the low cost, since round slings are essentially reinforced loops without any extra bells or whistles to their design.

2. Long Lifespan

Polyester slings tend to last considerably longer than other synthetic slings. This characteristic exists for a number of reasons. First off, polyester is more resistant to ultraviolet light from the sun than materials like nylon, meaning it suffers much less wear from general use. In addition, because it is a synthetic material, polyester is very resistant to biological factors like mold and mildew. Being non-metallic, polyester also does not rust like chains. Each one of these factors contributes to the long lifespan that a polyester round sling can enjoy.

3. Easy to Procure

Polyester slings are one of the most popular types of slings. As a result, locating a sling for sale is incredibly simple. We carry a great number of models on our own webstore and, if you need it quick, overnight shipping comes much cheaper than with heavier types of slings.

4. Excellent for Marine Applications

One of the best characteristics of polyester as a substance is that it absorbs very little liquid, especially water. Unlike rope slings, polyester slings will not get waterlogged and suffer considerably less degradation from use in moist environments. Additionally, polyester is one of the few lifting equipment materials that is very resistant to salt water. If you’ll be securing items on a dock or lifting items to a boat, polyester is less likely to cause complications than other materials.

5. Comparatively Soft

Polyester is a very soft material for its strength. While the formulas used for industrial application might not feel soft to the skin, it is very gentle to most loads. A polyester round sling will allow you to carefully lift loads that would otherwise be susceptible to scuffing, scratching, or gouging. In comparison to chains and wire rope especially, polyester makes a world of difference to the surfaces of your loads. Also, polyester slings are very gentle to corners and edges, so they are less likely to cause wear around the edges of polygonal loads.

6. Flexible Without Give

Polyester is considered to be a very flexible material; however, it does not have much "give" or stretch potential. This is generally a very good characteristic in heavy lift applications since it allows polyester slings to wrap around loads easily without becoming deformed from stretching. While chains and wire rope are the best performers in regards to stretch resistance, polyester outperforms other synthetics and also offers flexibility that chains and wire rope do not have.

If you have more questions about sling materials and types, we can help. Our professional staff is ready to help you find the American-made product that will help you get the job done right. Contact us at today!

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