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Useful Hand Tools for Lapidary Work

Author: Thegrinder Shop
by Thegrinder Shop
Posted: Apr 01, 2014

Those dealing with gemstones require the appropriate lapidary equipment in order to successfully mount, cut, and polish them. Circular large diamond saws are capable of slicing slabs from quart or agate hunks. After this, cutting of slabs into smaller pieces occur, followed by polishing and shaping using the grinding machines. The main function of hand tools is the measurement and examination of stones besides, assistance with actual mounting of finished gemstones used in different designs.

So, which are the different types of hand tools commonly used by the jewelers? Here below is a selection for your benefit.


Individual stone measurements is done with the help of calipers with basic ones resembling slide rules having pointed ends for opening and fitting around different stones for measuring purposes. Many people may be familiar with slide rules because they are used commonly in mathematical measurements with a number of rulers stacked together, and a template for calculation.

However, only the middle ruler moves during calculations and you will be able to see the result through template movement. Nowadays, modern, sophisticated calipers come with dials for measurements and even digital reading options. Such digital tools come with battery operations for ease of use and accurate measurements.

Jeweler’s loupe

When you want to grade or identify minerals and gems, you simply cannot do without a high quality jeweler’s loupe. Its functioning is similar to hand-held microscopes with a lens of 18 mm and magnification power 10. One of the important features associated with the lens is its optical quality.

After all, it should aid the professional in the work they are doing and therefore good optical quality in such lapidary supplies is of utmost importance. Best quality loupes available come with three joined lenses, the triplet lens. This will help you with the clearest vision without any distortion or alteration in the color of the gemstone.

Tools for stone setting

Another important type of hand tools that are must have for jewelers and designers alike are equipments for successful stone setting. A wide variety of options is available for setting polished or faceted stones within pendants, rings, or varied jewelry pieces. The function of these tools is to manipulate the stones and hold them in place while assisting the professional to do their job without problems. Whether you're looking for stained glass supplies or tools for lapidary, you can take your pick from the online suppliers or order from retail stores.

By looking around, finding best deals on various hand tools like those for stone setting is not difficult. Four pronged holders are ideal for picking up gemstones. Plunger mechanism within the handles of wire jaws is ideal for this purpose. For removing prongs from stones, you can use the prong lifter. Another hand tool commonly used is the bezel roller for securing metal lip or bezel around stones. These are ideal for smooth stones as cabochons, which are polished with circular or oval shape.

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