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Digital marketing skills 101 for new business owners

Author: 5Ps Marketing
by 5Ps Marketing
Posted: Jan 03, 2018
digital marketing

In today’s business environment, a traditional form of marketing is no longer effective. These days, the business must have some form of digital marketing to be successful. Therefore, having some knowledge about digital marketing has become essential to successfully running a business. Therefore, the following are some pointers to become effective at digital marketing:

Understanding the digital marketing fundamentals:

Understanding the digital marketing fundamentals is understanding what your customers want. The consumer goes through a stage before making a purchase decision, these are awareness, consideration, and purchase. Now let’s say you want to purchase a car. The first step you will take is to think about the brands you want to purchase. The second step is test-driving those cars and then, the final step will involve making the purchase after test driving the car. The objective here to understanding what the consumer is thinking and what the consumer wants. And then tailor your marketing to match your customer’s needs.

Make good use of advertising channels:

This requires the healthy understanding of how paid and organic marketing channels work. Here you need to understand how paid marketing channels can contribute to the growth of your products and services. Does email marketing yield a good return on investment? How does Facebook advertising works? Is it beneficial for your business? How do you engage with your customers on social media? Or how does Google AdWords work, and how you can maximize your revenue by using AdWords to your advantage? However, for some people, all these concepts may be as complicated as rocket science. But, believe it or not, if you are the business owner, you need to invest in digital marketing, there is no way around it. thankfully, you can hire experts to do all the digital marketing for you. All you must do is hire an Online Advertising Agency in Bahrain.

Data-driven marketing:

Data is the biggest tool in your arsenal for effective marketing. Understanding data is essential for becoming a digital marketer. First, you need to analyze where your data lies. There can be various sources where your data could be present. It could be in your Google analytics, to f your CRM system and other places. You’ll be surprised where you can find your data. Secondly, what data are you looking for? For example, if you need to figure out what is the bounce rate on your website, you can get that information from your Google analytics. Or for example, you need to figure out what are the hottest keywords for your products or services? You can get that information through Google AdWords. Certainly, if all of this sounds like brain surgery to you. Then managing the digital marketing is not for you. But, you must make sure that you have a digital marketing strategy. Thus, this requires you to hire a Social media marketing services Bahrain who can market your products and services effectively.

Technical skills:

Say for example you need to develop a landing page, for that, you must go to the web developer. It is great to have enough technical skills that will enable you to develop those pages on your own and not have to depend on a web developer to make those.

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