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Microsoft Windows Azure training and certification course

Author: Vartika Singh
by Vartika Singh
Posted: Jan 04, 2018

This certification course explains how to create, deploy and manage. Microsoft Windows Azure is a collection of integrated cloud services like analytics, database, computing, mobile networking and web. It can help you in achieving more and saving money for your business in future. When you get Microsoft Azure certification and become a specialist in this field you will get professional recognition for your expertise and can get better in your career. You can expertise in developing and administering Azure solutions.

Microsoft Windows Azure is a cloud computing platform for deploying, building and managing applications. Through a global network of Microsoft- managed datacenters. It supports many different programming languages and provide both platform-as-a-service (PAAS) and Infrastructure-as-a-service (IAAS) including both Microsoft-specific and third-party software and systems.

Course Objectives

The following are the objectives of this course:

  • Query and manipulate data by using Data Provider

  • Implement data storage in Microsoft Azure

  • Create and configure a WCF service on Azure solutions

  • Host and manage Web API

  • Manipulate XML data structures

  • Configure a web application for deployment

  • Create an Entity Framework data model

  • Extend Travel Companion’s ASP.NET Web API Services

  • Configure WCF services by using the API

  • Consume WCF services

Course modules

10979: Microsoft Azure Fundamentals

  • 20533: Implementing Microsoft Azure Infrastructure Solutions

  • 20532C: Developing Microsoft Azure Solutions

  • Architecting Microsoft Azure Solutions

  • 20487B: Developing Windows Azure and Web Services

  • Module 1: Getting started with Microsoft Azure

  • Module 2: Microsoft Azure management tools

  • Module 3: Virtual machines in Microsoft Azure

  • Module 4: Web Apps and cloud services

  • Module 5: Creating and configuring virtual networks

  • Module 6: Cloud storage

  • Module 7: Microsoft Azure Databases

  • Module 8: Creating and managing Azure AD

What you can learn at the end of this course

At course completion

After completing this course, students will be able to:

  • They can describe Azure, cloud computing and Azure subscriptions

  • Use Azure PowerShell

  • Azure Software Development Kit (SDK)

  • Azure command-line interface (CLI

  • Create and configure the virtual machines in Microsoft Azure

  • Create, configure, and monitor web apps in Azure

  • Deploy Azure platform as a service (PaaS) cloud services.

  • Create and configure Azure virtual networks.

  • Create, manage, and configure cloud storage in Azure.

  • Use Azure SQL Database to create and manage SQL databases

  • Create and manage Azure AD.

Audience profile

This course is meant for a specified set of people:

  • Individuals who evaluate deploying and administering services by using Azure.

  • Developers and professionals who wants to create and evaluate Azure solutions

  • IT professionals who wants to evaluate the use of Azure to their websites and mobile back end services

  • Database administers who wants to evaluate the use of Azure

  • Database administers to host SQL database by working on Azure

  • Developers: evaluation on Azure solutions

  • Windows server administers evaluating the services on the cloud

Getting certified with course make it easy for individuals to get hold of their professional passions and make a mark in their desired field.

LearnflyPro trains each of its esteemed students in this highly efficient cloud operating system from Windows – Azure, in the most innovative and effective way.

Azure assists individuals to connect with the clienteles while help to retain the reaming ones and build a long-term relationship with them. This cloud operating system offers service hosting, service management and development facilities. This certification course endows learners the understanding to how to create, deploy and manage.NET applications on Windows Azure.

.NET applications comprise of primary modules relating to Microsoft Azure Fundamentals training and Microsoft Azure Infrastructure Solutions training course. LearnflyPro also offers training for IT professionals who are keen to understand the Microsoft Azure Infrastructure components, including the virtual networks, machines and further managing and monitoring common workloads in the cloud.

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