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Basic Procedure for Lung Cancer Treatment in Texas

Author: Cancer Center Las Colinas
by Cancer Center Las Colinas
Posted: Jan 04, 2018

Lung cancer is considered one of the deadliest types of cancer. In the last two decades, it has claimed more lives than any other type of cancer. This is why great emphasis has been put on correct diagnosis and lung cancer treatment in Texas.

Lung cancer diagnosis and treatment:

  • Symptoms -Lung cancer is mostly asymptomatic in the early stages and becomes symptomatic in the later stages. Some common lung cancer symptoms include shortness of breath, difficulty breathing, chest pain, fatigue, drastic weight loss and frequent lung infections such as pneumonia. These symptoms do not necessarily mean that you have lung cancer, but when they are persistent,you may want to get diagnosed for lung cancer.
  • Examinations - If the doctor suspects that the symptoms may be caused by lung cancer he may order different examinations to further investigate. Common lung cancer examinationsinclude physical exam to check for fluid in the lungs and monitor breathing,chest X-ray and/or CT scan. He may also order some pathological tests to examine your sputum and lung cells.
  • Classification and staging - If the tests come back positive for lung cancer, the next step is for the doctor to determine the type and stage of the cancer. Lung cancer can be classified in to two broad categories depending on the appearance of the cells. Small cell lung cancer spreads much fasterthan the second type, which is non-small cell lung cancer.
  • Treatment - Once an accurate diagnosis has been made, the oncologist works with patients to determine asuitable treatment option. The treatment optionselected will depend on the stage of cancer, its side effects and the patient’s personal needs. The most common options for lung cancer treatment in Texas include c
hemotherapy, radiation therapy, surgery, targeted therapy,or a blend of various treatment options.

Early diagnosis of lung cancer has a higher survival rate. Patients should do regular screenings andcheckups to catch(and treat) the disease early.

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