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Do Your Homework When Buying a Used Car

Author: Network Auto Body
by Network Auto Body
Posted: Jan 10, 2018
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Thanks to global recession and increasing prices of brand new cars, buying a new car for many people remains a distant dream. But buying a used car remains a good option for those who are tight on their budget but want to realize their dream of owning a car. Buying a used car in good condition helps to save you money as you pay far less amount than you would have otherwise paid for a new car. You can buy a pre-owned car and then take it to one of the selected manufacturer-certified auto body shops San Fernando Valley for necessary/pending repair job.

That said, buying a pre-owned car is not as easy as you might see it be. Many people are cheated while buying a second-hand car because they didn't check or verified the documents and also didn't pay attention to the overall condition of the used car. Since you are buying a used car, it's obvious that it has already been driven for thousands of miles by its owner, which means that there are many parts that may need repair or replacement.

Here are some questions to ask the owner of a pre-used car.

Are You The First Owner? It is not necessary that you are buying a used car from the first owner, he could be the second or third owner too. The more the owners, the more will be wear and tear on the car. A single owner means less wear and tear, timely service and maintenance, safe driving, and the less risk of a vehicle being involved in a car accident.

Have You Maintained Service Records? Do make it a point to check the service book a pre-owned car you are considering to buy. Check whether the vehicle has been serviced and repaired at a manufacturer-certified auto body shop or not. This will tell you how responsible and careful the owner has been in repairing the car. Regular visits show his level of care.

Why Are You Selling The Car? Ask the current owner that why he is selling the car? Most owner will usually tell you that they are trying to plan another car, but it's not always the case. There are chances that the car needs major overhaul and auto body repair San Fernando Valley, and is on the verge of the breakdown. You can get it checked by a certified technician to know if the car is in good condition or a pure 'lemon'.

What's The Mileage? Almost all people who are considering to buy a second-hand car prefer to own a car with a low-mileage and it is for a good reason. The car with a less mileage usually means less wear and tear and more mileage means that the car is more prone to damage. It is a normal trend that the used cars with low mileage command higher resale price than other used cars with high mileage.

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