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Shine ragged and uneven light rays from an authentic Himalayan salt lamp

Author: John Walker
by John Walker
Posted: Jan 11, 2018

Time and again we read about the benefits of the Himalayan lamps and the advantages of placing a brightly gleaming one in your drawing room, but are you sure that the bright pink orange light radiating from the lamp is real and has genuine health benefits?

The authentic Himalayan salt lamp is labelled now as one of the best natural gadgets for health and has gained immense popularity. The increase in demand for these glorious lamps has led to load of "unreal" lamps flooding the markets which are basically created out of cheap salt imitations. Read on to understand more:

1. You need the beneficial authentic Himalayan salt lamp in your home and not an imitation. You have paid handsomely for the one lighting up your home but is the lamp a "tad too bright"? The crystals of the Himalayan salt shine a dark orange to a medium pink when a light is shined through it and the rays are uneven, jagged and dull. The glow should not be bright and has a mild halo that is extremely pleasing to the eyes. If the whole room is brightly shining with the lamp’s rays it is definitely not real. The light rays are soothing and lovely and over a period of time these rays make a person feel good.

  1. These lamps basically produce negative ions by absorbing water from the surrounding areas where they are placed in. The contaminants and airborne particles attach themselves to the salt crystal and the air is cleansed. You may notice that the surface area of the lamp is becoming mildly damp, don’t you worry there is nothing wrong with your crystal, it’s just hygroscopic and has taken in moisture. Let the authentic salt sweat a little, it’s healthy!
  2. The genuine Himalayan salt lamps are delicate and fragile and they need to handled with care. Often lamps are damaged during transportation thus it is important that you pick up your lamp from a reliable and dependable seller. You don’t want a chipped piece delivered to your home because of poor handling or packaging. If your lamp does not chip when it bangs into a solid article accidentally you can be sure that you are sitting with a fake crystal lamp in your home.
  3. Good Himalayan salt lamps cannot come very cheap because they are very rare. The common varieties found in the markets are a whitish shade salt crystal that shines bright pink or orange and they are available at cheap rates. You may have to shell out a little extra amount of money to get the real lamps. Authentic Himalayan salt lamps and other good things may be a little expensive but they promise to give value for money. The original crystal salt lamps will not have a whitish shade and will be available in a pinkish orange variety.
  4. Radiation in the house because of the plethora of technologically advanced gadgets can be a danger for your family. An authentic Himalayan salt lamp if left burning every day will make sure that you stay healthy in future.
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