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3 Common Myths About Pawn Shops Revealed - Read Now!

Author: Lisa Aguilar
by Lisa Aguilar
Posted: Jan 11, 2018

By being negatively portrayed in movies, pawn shops have received a bad rap in the past. The image that strikes peoples mind when they think about a pawn shop is dirty storefronts with seedy-looking characters. Well, things have changed a lot! After the economic collapse in 2008, traffic to pawn shops have increased considerably. Not only by the middle class but wealthy folks too come to Kansas City pawn shops to trade their valuables for loans, i.e., instant cash. Nowadays pawn shops are owned by professionals, clean, recognized businesses that serve consumers from all walks of life.

There are many myths about pawnshops that might prevent you from considering your local pawnbroker when you need to buy inexpensive electronics, antique items or need to sell your processions to get quick cash. This article is going to debunk those common myths about pawn shops easily:

Pawn Brokers Charge High-Interest Rates: When you think of pawnbrokers, you often think of high-interest rates. Pawn shop Kansas City interest rates are determined by the state or municipality where that the pawn shop is located. As a smart customer, you can also find out what the interest should be before taking a loan.

Pawn Shop Are Shady Places That Sell Stolen Goods: This is the common myth but it’s farther from the truth. Often pawn shops work with the local crime/police departments to prevent the buying and selling of stolen goods and antiques. Pawn shops are obligatory to require government-issued valid ID’s, take snaps of the items and the person who brought them into the pawn shops. They will also handover these proofs of identification to the police if needed.

Pawn Shop Only Carry Unwanted Junks: This truly really is a myth! Pawn shop owners alway look for something valuable and wish to buy items that will sell quickly. At pawn shops in Kansas City, you will find a vast range of jewelry, electronics, watches and other antique items.


The above-said misconceptions regarding pawn shops have sprung up and kept the people away from taking the advantages of pawn shops. Hope, this article has easily debunked those myths. Don’t believe the myths about pawnshops — Sol’s Jewelry & Pawn, the best pawn shop in Kansas City, is transparent, honest and professionals ready to serve you!

Need cash? Got gold? Sol’s Jewelry & Pawn pays cash in minutes! Contact these professionals today!

The author of this article is working in a pawn shop Kansas City. In this article, he speaks about the 3 common myths about pawn shops Kansas City. For more details, visit

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Sol's Jewelry and Pawn is Kansas City's premiere pawn shop that specializes in jewelry pawns only. We offer immediate cash loans for your everyday needs.

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