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5 Features of Laser Sintering Machine

Author: Sameer Tendulkar
by Sameer Tendulkar
Posted: Jan 12, 2018
laser sintering

Laser sintering machine uses the powder bed fusion process to build 3D parts. They are highly used in the varied industries like Aerospace, Automotive, and Defense & Medical. The laser sintering machine operates with a high mechanical and thermal load capacity with multiple parts designing by the application of CAD geometries which can rapidly convert into physical working models.

The main 5 features of Laser sintering machine are as follows:

The direct metal laser melting system offers to build complex designs with the Cad geometrics in small or higher volumes. The 3D components are created by using the laser to sinter the powdered material, the laser is used as the power source and it results in material binding by following the requisite methods.

The laser sintering machine operates on a fully automated process and does not generate any need for tools and offers great cost-effective and timely output in comparison to the other metal manufacturing methods. The laser sintering machine extends benefits of proper functionality with great strength and flexible results and thus produces faster outputs with higher quality.

The direct metal laser melting system offers in making parts with exalted exactness and detail resolution which are comparatively stronger and have a higher turn around time. They stay strong and does not lead to wear and tear and are environment-friendly output as compared to the traditional manufacturing methods

Laser sintering machine offers products with great surface quality and superb mechanical properties. In various cases, a minimal of finishing is required and at times, a smoothing process is done for reducing the roughness of the surface. They are applied to other finishes like textured or metallic etc.

One of the major features of laser sintering machine is that it doesn’t need any support structures for preventing the collapsing of the design during the production process. They offer benefits of saving the cost of the material required for support and result in faster production capacities. They do not require any tooling and thus no tool clearing need is generated.

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