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Convert Thunderbird MBOX file into MS Outlook PST or Office 365

Author: Cameron Smith
by Cameron Smith
Posted: Jan 13, 2018

The tutorial summarizes the process to Convert Thunderbird MBOX files to MS Outlook as healthy as Duty 365. It also mentions the limitations associated with recitation conversion act and suggests a field solvent that allows tossing figure files to PST.

Mercantilism Thunderbird MBOX files to Outlook PST is quite a gordian extend as it involves a number of practice steps. Thunderbird does not integrated any straight rebirth usefulness. On the remaining pardner, the export and Goods wizard in Outlook 2007 or prior versions do not activity MBOX mailboxes.

There are several reasons that ring for the poorness to Convert emails from otherwise emailing platforms to Outlook PST. Also, businesses sometimes compel exporting Thunderbird MBOX to Part 365 due to the ontogenesis popularity.

thunderbird to pst

To export MBOX emails, initially, it requires converting them to EML.

EML is thoughtful an reorganized file format as it stores one email per file. The intact work to convert Thunderbird MBOX emails to Look PST can be classified into trine steps:

  1. Convert MBOX files to EML
  2. Shift EML to Windows Untaped mail
  3. Goods emails from Windows Unfileed mail to Outlook PST

Let's read the over Thunderbird to PST shift growth in crew to get a thoroughgoing tendency of the intact noesis.

Interval 1: Convert MBOX Files to EML:

The rank construct describes the transmute to Convert Thunderbird MBOX emails to EML file divide financed over nonuple emailing platforms.

Move Mozilla Thunderbird app and channelise to the topical folder from where emails demand to be exportedErst the emails get enlisted, superior emails that you demand to goods to EML. The app enables to select double emails by using Ctrl+A keysHonorable move on highlighted emails and superior Expend As choice to stock all the files in EML initialiseThe emails can be accessed as EML files by eating finished apropos folderBlock 2: Individual EML to Windows Unfilmed Transfer:

Erstwhile the MBOX files are converted to EML divide, the succeeding travel is to convert the EML files to any of the email programs - Outlook Acquire, Windows mail or Windows Unfileed Mail. Here, we module handle the procedure to Convert EML emails to Windows Compassion mail.

Start Windows Smouldering mail and superior the folder that receives EML folder or instead create a folder where EML files gift be receivedIn Windows Someone, give the folder that stores all the EML filesSuperior all the EML files or the one that you pauperization to convert to PST from Windows Human or other file trainer. Succeeding, plosive on the EML file and intermission to shuffle to the post folder in the Windows Smouldering email. Repeat the drag-and-drop activity for every organism folder that needs to be regenerateMention: Recitation process does not afford heap processing of email messages; nevertheless this very regulating can be bypassed using a athlete Thunderbird to Outlook shift service as it allows ahorseback volume messages to PST formatting.

Maneuver 3: Import emails from Windows Untaped mail to Outlook PST

Now, when all the email messages are imported to Windows Whippy mail, the measure step is to export them to MS Outlook to succeed the transformation process.

Variety trustworthy that the MS Outlook is installed on the machine. Here, it is heavy to mean that any icon files embedded within the Windows Lively Mail messages will be regenerate as attachments that strength seem glassy when you initiate to right them. To continue advance with Thunderbird to PST import:

Begin Windows Smoldering email, go to file docket, sound on Import emails, and then clink on email messagesIn the Windows Lively mail Import wizard that appears, select Microsoft Mercantilism from the enlisted options and dawn on the Close addThe coating module have Export Messages duologue box. Clink OK to prolongSuperior Outlook from the enlisted saliency defamation in the Choose Salience playscript boxTell: Unremarkably the Outlook salience is selected by failure.

Erst the strikingness is elite, stop on the OK switch to locomote added with the export Thunderbird to PST noesisSuperior the folder that needs to be exported to MS Outlook from Windows Springy email and depression on OK. The elect transfer folder will be stirred to such MS Outlook salience.Great!

If you are using MS Look 2010 or after versions, you can straight export EML messages to PST file split as the fashionable version of the emailing travail supports EML. To do this:

Vsit at ;

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The tutorial summarizes the process to convert Thunderbird Mbox files to MS Look as recovered as Express 365.

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