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How to chooses shoe for different occasions?

Author: Vivek Sharma
by Vivek Sharma
Posted: Jan 13, 2018
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Changing time has brought the fashions to a higher level. The quality of the shoe has also increased with seven. During this fashion, many types of shoes have become. Everyone wants to wear nice shoes from one. By seeing its demand in the market, a unique revolution has been made in the shoe area. In order to make better shoes in shoe factories, they built a big competition. There is a name of Minzo India, which it has a large place of wholesales. If you are a shoe trader then you can go to this site and pick up a better wholesale collection. The revolution of this shoe provided shoes for that opportunity for every opportunity of the people.

There are many types of shoe that we use in different programs.

  1. Formal shoes: - Formal shoe we use in those places where we want to see a professional. There are different types for the formal shoe men’s and for ladies, which shows the senses of the person's dress worn. The aim of building these shoes was to do for professional humans only.
  2. Casual shoes: -Casual shoes were manufactured on the daily basis; it is also different from men and women. The use of these shoes as a human being brought to the daily progress.
  3. Party wear: -These types of shoes are used by humans in any function or program. This is the reason why the shoe revolution happened in the area. Everyone in the Function and Programs wants to stand out from the common people in their dresses in the most different competition. Whereby he remained the center of attraction among the common people

Types of shoe for men

  • Leather shoe: - Leather Shoe is used when a man goes to some professional function, men wear coat pants with these shoes
  • Loffer shoe: - Loafers often boyize the boys who wear mostly with jeans paint or cargo pants
  • Mojari: -Mojari are worn with kurta pajama or sherwani. This kurta gives a native look with pajamas and with Sherwani, gives a look like the Maharaja.
  • Sneekars shoe: -Sneaker Shoes without lace, which does not need to be tied. These can wear with either formal cloths or with jeans paint.
  • Platform shoe: - This type of shoe is completely flat from the bottom, due to which these name of the platform shoe.

Types of shoe foe women

  • Leather shoe: - Women often wear them at office or at a professional place.
  • Sandals: -These women wear at many places in parties, functions, and marriage etc. High heels are used mostly by women of short stature.
  • Bellies: -Women use bellies daily or travel time. It is very comforting for them.
  • Flip Flop: - Flip flops are used by women to wear indoors.
  1. Dancing shoe: -Choreographers use such shoes. Those who have dancing shoe is mostly use with high neck shoe. At dancing, it is very comfortable for them

Thus, Shoe has made every important function, program, marriage, and daily life in the human life. For this, the elderly have said the saying, "The person's likeness is revealed by his shoes". This expresses humanity’s personality.

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