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Indian Students Prefer Canadian Education

Author: Rachel White
by Rachel White
Posted: Jan 13, 2018

If you are the quintessential 17-year-old Indian who has just finished high school and is eyeing future prospects for ‘what next?’ you are in for some really wise information.

These days, every young Indian wants to do something really out of the box and exciting at the same time. And what’s better to increase your employment prospects after you graduate than a foreign undergraduate degree! A degree from a foreign University is an attractive piece to Companies and Employers.

This is so because it promises them employees with a strong work ethic (followed religiously in Western countries and thus, Universities). Students who study at Western Universities and come back also have a sense of sophistication and polish to them; something that is eyed by Employers more than just a degree.

Affordable education leads way to Canada

Over the years that Western education became a mark of being truly cosmopolitan; Canada has emerged as the front-runner of Western Education. Educational degrees from US and UK have become passé. Sure; France, Germany, Netherlands and Australia are saplings in foreign education. But Canada has emerged as the poster boy of foreign education.

Canada immigration news for international students attributes this to the relatively cheap education, which is becoming increasingly affordable for more and more urban upper middle-class strata of the society. With affordable education, the quality of education and infrastructure that is offered is beyond imagination.

Apart from education, the quality of life and living standards in Canada are one of the few greatest. In terms of gender equality too, the country is much ahead of a lot of Western countries.

As per the Canada immigration news for international students, Canada happens to be the best country to study abroad. Be its tuition fees, lodging and boarding for international students or the cost of living; Canada is the best haven.

Great news for Indian students!

As per a study in 2008, close to 3,000 Indians were pursuing a degree in Canada. By 2010, within 2 years, the figure of Indians studying in Canada rose to 12,000. It is to infer that within two years, the number of Indians studying in Canada tripled. And in 2017, the number is likely to be 20,000.

Recently in 2017, new immigration rules for international students in Canada have made it very easy for Indians to get a special study permit to study in Canada and pursue higher education.

In fact, simplified policies have also made it possible for Indian students in Canada to complete their education and take up jobs in Canada itself. That way, whatever the Canadian government invests in the student during their education is retained after the students take up job in Canada.

As per the new immigration rules for international students in Canada, the visa applications for Indian students seeking a special study permit has become comparatively easy over the years. Gepsi Canada specializes in this very niche and with the experience gained over the years, it helps the students realise their dreams.

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I am Rachel White, an author of this article. I write this article about new immigration rules for international students in Canada.

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Author: Rachel White

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