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Tips for Choosing the Best Engine Air Filter for Automobile

Author: Arslan Khan
by Arslan Khan
Posted: Jan 15, 2018
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An efficient car engine is a thing that every car owner always look for when buying a car. If you ever have a look at your vehicle’s manual, you will find that there are enough service reminders and maintenance points regarding the vehicle’s safety are mentioned. However, focusing on some key areas will keep your vehicle operating safely and unfailingly for years to come. Your car’s air filter is a key part of your engine’s respiratory system. Whenever a filter become out-of-date, it loses its ability to function properly leading to decreased performance and spoiled engine. Apparently, a dirty air filter will badly affect the engine so that it will not run properly, therefore choosing the best air filter is important.

Best quality air filters cost a bit more but are nevertheless high performers with improved fuel economy. This will also help you avoid repair bills in the long run. A choked filter in an air cleaner causes increased fuel consumption and, eventually, extra engine wear. There is no set time to change out the air filter. But ideally, you’ll want to change it out once a year. While it does depend heavily on how clean an environment is, changing the filter out yearly is good if there is low pollution or insignificant dust levels in your area. If you drive in an area where these levels are higher, it’s important to change the air filter more frequently. Eventually, the filter becomes choked with dirt, so check it every 6,000 miles (10,000 km) or every six months, whichever comes first. Choose the best one by following the tips given below-

  • Know your budget- Air filters come in a variety of prices, ranging from dirt cheap to expensive. Many quality and reputable manufacturers offer filters at low prices to suit a wide variety of budgets.
  • Buy a well-known brand- Well-known brands have a reputation for manufacturing high-quality products that stand the test of time.
  • Choosing among different types- Knowing the different types of air filters that are available for purchase is the first step to making a wise purchasing decision when looking for the right filter for one's car.
  • Size matters- Some misinformed car owners can think any air filter will fit into their car, that’s not true. It’s crucial you find the right size before you buy. You can look into the auto owner's manual to find the correct size filter for your car. If you do not have a manual, go online and do research on your car model, type and year.
  • Perform an on-site matching process- Make sure the filter you purchase is the same as your previous one. Cost is also an important factor since many of the cheaper air filtration systems have the higher cost than the expected prices for replacement.

Top 5 Best "Engine Air Filter Brand You Should Consider

Looking to the above points, the number of air filters companies and models are replacing the older ones according to the user requirement. To provide an idea of the best air filters for automobiles, we have provided some of the best air filter companies in the market. Hence, the article will include the 6 best air filters brands with their important information and specifications desired before making a buying decision.

  1. FRAM: They are by far one of the oldest automotive companies to produce the essential components our vehicles need. It highly regarded as the best air filter as it can keep up to 98% of road dust and pollen particles from entering the vehicles and thus enhancing driving comfort.
  2. MANN Filters: MANN Filters, another very popular brand when it comes down to air filter car replacement. There are various types of air filters Mann-Filters make, from basic to premium styles, that will help to capture pollen, dust, dirt, tiny debris, and even smoke.
  3. K&N Car Air Filters: The Company produces 1,200 different replacement air filters for every vehicle plying on the road. Besides, the filters can be washable and reusable and are customized to fit into prevailing factory air box.

EPAuto Car Air Filter: EPAuto has designed a replacement cabin air filter that is suitable for your automobile needs at a modest price. It purifies air using a special mixture of soda and carbon which ensures that the air which enters the interior of your vehicle is fresh and hygienic.

  1. ACDelco Car Air Filter: The AC Delco Professional air filter maximizes air flow while effectively filtering out the particles that may harm your vehicle’s engine.
  2. BOSCH: Bosch parts are trusted for their quality, durability, and performance. The car air filters from Bosch prevents unfiltered air from inflowing the engine consumption with a high-quality seal and protect your engine by stopping threatening particles.
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