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Complete Guide to Choose the Right Funeral & Condolences Flowers

Author: John Goh
by John Goh
Posted: Jan 17, 2018

Flowers represent every aspect of our life cycle right from birth to death. You must have seen several flowers arrangements at a funeral ceremony. Sending flowers for the deceased is a kind of age oil tradition that started hundreds of thousands of years ago and became an essential part of our culture as well.

Sending flowers to the cremation ceremony is an excellent way to memorialize and honor the life of the person who has passed away. When you bring flowers to a funeral ceremony or Memorial Day, it shows your tribute to the deceased while giving comfort to his/her the family members. Besides, it is a tradition to give a bunch of condolence flowers to the family members of the deceased after the funeral is done. It makes them know that you are with them in their time of grief. Flowers also helps them cope with the emotions and feelings associated with the person who is no longer with them.

Apart from being a beautiful gift, flowers have a language of their own through which one can express his/her feelings beautifully. Flowers impart a message of love and joy and can also be used as a medium to express one's sympathy and condolence. There are several reasons why flowers should be given for funeral ceremony. Some of the reasons are listed here:

  • Flowers are aesthetic
  • Flowers are symbolic
  • Flowers express sympathy
  • Flowers add significance to the funeral ritual
  • Flowers grant comfort to the family of the deceased
  • Flowers symbolize the transitory life span of man
  • Flowers show your admiration towards the deceased
  • Flowers help in showing your emotions towards the deceased

A funeral ceremony will look very gloomy and depressing without proper flowers arrangements. With blooms, you can add warmth and value to a place so that people can remember the life of the person who has passed away. Your admiration and respect for the person and compassion towards his/her family members can be beautifully expressed with flowers without revealing your feelings. You must present and be at a loss for words that you can use to reveal your feelings while being a part of a funeral ceremony. Nevertheless, it is not the right time to say anything but with appropriate flowers you can express your feelings without using words.

A Beautiful Message of Comfort

Flowers sent on solemn events like funeral convey a message that friends are with them in their hour of grief and sorrow. Sending flowers for funerals conveys a beautiful message of comfort. Blooms like white roses, lilies, daisies, and sunflower are appropriate choices for funerals to express your condolence during times of difficulties. Apart from giving in the funeral ceremony, when flowers sent on the festive occasion, they add to the jubilance and the merriment of our loved ones.

No matter what the reason, sending some fresh and perfectly-arranged flowers is always is a good idea. When your close one passes away, it becomes essential for you to reveal your true feelings. Sending condolence and sympathy flowers is crucial to maintain relationships and show your sympathy for the family of deceased. In short, his/her family members need to know that they are blessed by others who understand their hardships. The secret significance of beautiful blooms is used to reveal everything which is too painful to vocalize as well as devise a pleasant final memory.

Ancient Times & Flowers

The art of immortalizing is one which has been moderately diminishing over the centuries. Earlier, flowers were considered not only as a token of respect, but they were also used to cover up the offensive odors of decomposition. According to the environment, funeral delay, and condition of the dead body, flowers were served in varying amounts to empower the griever to be able to bear the smell of the dead before they paid final regards to the body. Flowers are still used to cover up the coffin. Such practices demonstrate how valuable flowers are for their beauty and healing power. Plants and flowers are usually served to reveal a remembrance for deceased close ones. Giving or sending some well-arranged flowers is a wonderful way to make someone know you care. At the funeral homes, where emotions are not discussed, flowers served as a way of revealing silent expressions of emotions.

Memorial Day & Flowers

Memorial Day is generally overlooked as a Remembrance Day. Well, it is an important day for us to admire all those who have sacrificed their lives while serving our country. We must devote our time and honor to the fallen soldier and great personalities with flowers on a Memorial Day. Soldiers who serve our country spend many days away from their families. Unfortunately, many of them nevermore return to their families. Memorial Day is a great opportunity to recall them and their sacrifice. With flowers, you can pay tribute to them in the most beautiful way. If you know someone who has passed away while fighting for their country, you should worship their memory by placing sympathy flowers on their grave. It is an excellent way to reveal your gratitude for the sacrifice they made.

On a Memorial Day, it is recommended to bring flowers to the gravesite of fallen soldiers, but you can also send floral arrangements to the close ones of a fallen soldier. By sending a fresh bouquet of red, blue, and white flowers, you can make them smile. Let their family members know that you care about them and have not forgotten their dear one who has died in defense of our country. Several online florists in Malaysia offer a wide range of sympathy flowers, you can choose the best one and get it delivered at the doorstep of their family members or place it at their gravesites.

Be it festive or solemn; every Flower has a story of its own. They are a symbol of purity, passion, fragility, and feelings. As humans, we tend to honor the life and death of our close ones and the last memory of them is set at the burial ceremony. Seeing your dear one surrounded by heartfelt flowers arrangements create an enduring final impression at the time of funeral that can bring comfort to the tears. Well, there is no doubt that flowers are an essential part of a funeral and memorial ceremonies. But what kinds of flowers should be used? Let’s find out:

Know How to Choose and Buy Sympathy Flowers

Sympathy flowers are used to unveil sympathy and reveal condolences. They also endow comfort to survivors of the person who is no longer with them. Picking the right type of flower arrangement is very important. Many choose to find an online florist to help with choosing the right arrangements. The reliable florist can help you select the right color, style, and size.

The traditional sympathy flowers are both elegant and timeless. They are often served to design floral displays for funerals ceremonies. Flower arrangements are available in different styles such as wreaths, sprays, and baskets. All these arrangements are specially designed for funeral and memorial services.

Funeral Wreaths

Floral wreaths are widely preferred for sympathy tributes and funeral ceremonies. A wreath comes in an ornate circular design which is versatile and ideal for sending directly to the funeral as a mark of honor. They are available in traditional as well as contemporary with different styles, colors, and sizes. Funeral wreaths are an ideal choice for family, friends, and colleagues to express condolences.

Funeral Spray

Funeral Sprays are another popular sympathy flower arrangements which are available in both single-ended and double-ended designs. The casket tends to covered with a large funeral spray arrangement during the funeral and at the burial ceremonies. They are generally presented by close family members or by those managing the funeral arrangements.

Posies & Baskets

Floral Basket can be given directly to a funeral or delivered as a tribute gift to a deceased family. A basket may have roses, hydrangea, and eustoma flowers which possess deep meanings. Circular in shape, Posy allows both flowers are foliage to be presented well from all angles.

Funeral Bouquets

Bouquets are also widely preferred by most users for funeral and memorial service. You can choose any flower according to the type of service and religious preferences. A bouquet can be an ideal gift to deliver your condolences to the deceased family and pay the last respect for the deceased.

The Most-Recommended Sympathy Flowers

As the life of flowers is passing, the same happens with our lives. Blooms represent the transient life of a man while highlighting the fact of life immortality and eternity. Life is delicate, colorful and fragile and nothing better than blooms can show this delicacy. Some of the most recommended sympathy flowers are listed below:


The lily is a profoundly universal flower which is suitable for every occasion. With different meanings and significance, Lilies are also used to symbolize restored innocence. The white lily is highly recommended for funerals and memorial ceremony.


Chrysanthemums are solely served as sympathy flowers in Malaysia, Europe, France, and Spain. In Asia, this classic flower is known as the symbol of grief, making it an ideal option for funeral and memorial services. Apart from their symbolism, they are generally considered to be a cheerful and positive tribute.


Carnations are also widely served in funerals as they can sustain for a long time without losing its freshness. You can consider pink carnations which symbolize remembrance. White carnations express pure love and grief, making it a very popular choice.


Roses are known as one of the most versatile flowers. Different colors of rose possess different meanings. White rose represents innocence and humility. A red rose signifies love and respect while pink implies love and appreciation. Yellow symbolizes strong ties which are also widely considered as sympathy flower.


Orchid is another flower which is associated with mourning. Pink and white orchid represents eternal love and can be sent to the funeral. Phalaenopsis orchids are also known as the most appropriate sympathy flowers.


Tulips signify fresh starts, so they are considered to bring hope to individuals going through hard times. Tulip comes in a variety of colors, each with different significance. White tulip signifies forgiveness while yellow symbolizes cheerfulness.

Knowing a little about condolences flowers will help you choose the most right floral arrangements to express your love towards deceased and sympathy for his/her family. If you are still confused what flowers to choose for a funeral or Memorial ceremony, you can ask your online florist to design you a fresh floral arrangement in white, red, and blue with their choice of blooms.

What to Do with Sympathy Flowers after Funeral Ceremony

After the burial or memorial ceremony, there may be several floral arrangements left over. What will you do with them? Well, you have numerous options for what to do with these flowers:

  • Take the floral arrangements home.
  • Leave the flowers at the ceremony location.
  • Give those arrangements to your family members, friends, and other visitors.
  • Collect all the flowers and bring them to the gravesite, or you can ask the funeral manager to do so.
  • Donate the flowers to the nursing home, hospitals, or religious place.

Choosing an appropriate flower for a funeral can be challenging, especially at such a distressing time. Family members and other loved ones are generally busy in making the burial arrangements, so it is wise to be sympathetic and respectful of cultural, religious, and other preferences. Besides, you need to take into account your relationship with the deceased and which funeral system the family may be choosing. The most suitable floral arrangements can vary according to the faith, religious traditions, and cultural beliefs of the deceased.

Consider Your Relation to the Deceased

Different kinds of flower arrangements are delivered or given by individuals with varying familial proximity to the person who has passed away. Consider all these things while choosing a flower arrangement to send:

  • If you are from the immediate family, pick a funeral spray or wreath. Alternate floral arrangements from immediate family may have a table and heart-shaped arrangements.
  • If you are a colleague or close friend, you can choose a wreath, spray, or floral basket. You can deliver flowers directly to the funeral ceremony or the home of the deceased.
  • It is recommended to consider colors while choosing funeral flowers. You can choose white flowers which represent peace and reverence.
  • You can also choose blue flowers which symbolize calm and comfort. You need to avoid green flowers which symbolize health and good fortune which isn't appropriate for such tragic event.

Sending flowers from an online store has become frequently common and may be easier than visit a local florist. Most online florists offer a wide range of sympathy and funeral arrangements online. If you are looking for the best online florist in Malaysia, then visit Bloom2u. The website is known for delivering the fastest funeral & condolences flower delivery KL.

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