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4 must-have Features in a Pharmaceutical ERP Solution

Author: Ashu Agarwa
by Ashu Agarwa
Posted: Jan 24, 2018

It is highly important for any organization especially dealing in pharmaceutical company to have a good ERP solution. A well-maintained ERP software solution in an organization helps improve the visibility reduces the costs and helps to improve the product quality. There are several other reasons why an organization may need a good qualified erp for pharmaceutical industry; It has some of the best benefits of using it. The main objective of any organization is to get good amount of profits, equal pay and give the best motivation to their employees. A simple and sound processes in a company helps in maintaining good relationships at all levels with transparent policies.

For implementing ERP based solutions in any organization it is mandatory to first outline the business costs, expect what are the benefits and the Returns of investments after the implementation. It is of significant value to know that the ERP solutions cannot be bought simply by the value put forward it. One has to deeply analyze and interpret the needs of the organization and get an amicable good tool that they can use to bring the best process in their company.

A basic ERP solution system will require features like MRP, finance, trackability, vendor management, reporting, customer management, pharmaceutical industry details, etc. However, for bigger pharma companies, it is very important to have microsoft dynamics for pharma features such as:

  1. Tracking, control, and recipe management – The very success of the pharma industry rests on successful formulae and recipes. ERP system helps in creating and ensures the protection of their assets. The system for pharma companies should include varied ingredients such as the storage, particle size, pH value, etc.

  1. General compliance management and Title 21 CFR Part 11 management – The ERPs must-have functionalities that will ensure that all processes remain in compliance with the critical FDA regulations. The FDA regulations include electric records, handwritten signatures, electronic signatures and so on.

  1. Management of the Inventory and Control – This is the basic feature of any ERP solutions that help to manage the inventory and control. There are compliance rules that are levied that need to be followed thoroughly.

  1. Transparency and traceability – ERP systems should be capable of tracking the origin of the product through its production activities. The tracking system requires a recall plan that will help to trace the path of the production process and the final destination of the same. This action will ensure that is data accuracy and traceability through the whole supply chain, documentation, and retrieval of testing results.

ERP systems have all the tracking features that are ideally needed for an organization or a company for its success. Different companies deal with the variety of different products, services or processes, hence ERP systems should be made available to suit the features one is looking for. Through ERPs, the data is managed more efficiently resulting in productive output.

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Author: Ashu Agarwa

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