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A Review of the best Joint Pain Supplements

Author: Dong Ha
by Dong Ha
Posted: Mar 31, 2018
joint pain

Treating joint pain can only be effective when it targets the underlying cause. Anti-inflammatory drugs, hot or cold applications, and rest are usually the initial treatment for joint injuries. Additional prescription drugs are recommended by the doctor if the cause of the joint pain is arthritis. Surgical operations are only recommended when there is a serious disease of the cartilage, bone or ligament.

Joint pain has become one of the top medical ailments facing people today. This is most likely the reason for nutrition companies to come up with alternative health supplements to counteract joint pain. While pharmacological drugs are some of the options people take, most affected patients opt for the alternative cure.

These reviews are about the different brands and names in the joint pain supplement market. Some of them deliver on the promise of pain alleviation and joint health, but some fall short.

Flexitrinol Review

Deemed as the Most Effective Joint Health Supplement of 2017, Flexitrinol is still up to par in 2018. The all-natural ingredients in Flexitrinol make it one of the best alternative joint health supplements in the market yesterday and today. Tested and proven ingredients such as Omega fatty acids, glucosamine, vitamins, and minerals create a powerful combination to reduce inflammation and pain in the joint. Joint health is the end result.


    • All-natural ingredients
    • Created, processed, and manufactured by an well-known company: The Health Research Institute
    • Zero side effect results from users
    • Informative website
    • Affordable
    • Effective and safe results for all users


    • Not available in supermarkets and store shelves. Can only be purchased online.

Jointprin Review

Jointprin claims to be clinically researched and created by medical practitioners. The product promises to quickly improve the joint’s overall mobility, performance, and strength. The ingredients in the supplement are there to support joint health, give greater mobility, and lower joint inflammation. However, some of the ingredients used produce unwanted side effects.


    • Affordable price at $1.66 for each cap
    • Includes test-proven ingredients to target joint pain and inflammation


    • Some ingredients are just the basic ones seen in other joint health supplements
    • Includes questionable ingredients such as rutin, white willow bark, bromelain, and black catechu that may produce potential side effects
    • Lacks essential fatty acids that are powerful helpers towards enhanced joint function

Joint Advance Review

Joint support and health are the claim made by Joint Advance. The product further claims that all its ingredients are only made from natural and herbal components. Some of the quality ingredients in Joint Advance include Chondroitin, MSM, and glucosamine. These ingredients have tested true for joint pain and support.


    • Claims to have all-natural and herbal ingredients
    • Includes all the proven components that target joint issues


    • No substantial information about the various ingredients in the official website
    • No price listing for the product
    • Website only offers a 90-day free trial while asking for complete information including address of a potential customer
    • Might be an auto-renewal program

Joint Rest Review

Joint stiffness, inflexibility, and strain are prevented with the use of Joint Rest. The supplement is a natural formula that claims to give quick relief to joint pain caused by physical activity, age, and weight. A summary of all the 8 active ingredients are explained thoroughly. There has been no reported side effect from users.


    • Ingredients consist of the proven components for joint pain and rehabilitation
    • No reported side effect reports from users
    • Fair priced at $24 for a month’s supply


    • Lacks the essential fatty acids to support joint pain and health
    • Ingredients are all similar and pretty standard to other brands

Mendamine 25 Review

Joint tissue loss is a natural by-product of aging. Mendamine 25 is a health supplement that claims to support aging joint health issues. Taking the supplement also prevents osteoporosis from happening.


    • Contains a variety of ingredients that works well with joint pain
    • Contains minerals and vitamins
    • Offers two types of supplements: average strength and extra support


    • Opting for the full support variety means taking up to 6 tablets a day
    • Taking 6 pills a day also overdoses on minerals and vitamins
    • Potential lead or mercury poisoning if the Green lipped mussel and fish extract are not taken from a clean source

Jointlax Review

The benefits gained from Jointlax include joint strength, higher levels of joint lubrication, and reduction of joint swelling. The ingredients used in the formula include proven components such as Hyaluronic acid, MSM, Chondroitin, and glucosamine.


    • Includes the standard ingredients that have proven true for joint pain and rehabilitation
    • Money-back guarantee within the first 60 days


    • Vague pricing. Direct retails cost $49.95 but could also reach $69.95
    • Some additives added to the formula may produce harmful side effects


Joint pain is a debilitating medical condition that all of us have experienced. The above health supplements are there to help you in alleviating the pain while promoting joint health as well. However, the smartest move is to consult a doctor to find out the underlying cause.

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