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Best Sleep Aids Review

Author: Dong Ha
by Dong Ha
Posted: Mar 31, 2018
every night

One of the most incredible things we can do to maintain good health is to get the required number of sleep hours every night. Sleeping well is as important as a good exercise program and a healthy diet.

It is rather unfortunate that the Western environment prides itself on functioning well only on a couple of hours sleep. This has led to a decreased quality and quantity of sleep. What is the importance of getting a good night’s sleep every night?

Did you know that weight gain is directly linked to poor sleep? Studies have shown that people who sleep less weigh more than those who get an adequate amount of sleep. Obesity risk is at a higher level for sleep-deprived people. That is because people who lack sleep tend to go overboard when they eat. This is probably to compensate for the sleep deprivation.

Productivity and concentration are both compromised when sleep is inadequate. Sleep-deprived people commit risky mistakes in work, business, and studies. Problem-solving and memory performances reach their peak with the right amount of sleep time.

In athletics, adequate sleep is a must. Adequate amounts of sleep always result in better reaction times, accuracy, and speed. The functional performance of the elderly can also be affected by sleep.

Worse yet, sleep-deprivation can actually put a higher risk of stroke and heart conditions to a person. Numerous studies have found this to be true. Other serious medical conditions such as risk for type 2 diabetes has also been linked to inadequate sleep.

Yet, there are people that find it harder to sleep right off even if they want to. This is where sleep aids can help. This sleep aids review is meant to narrow down the search for the safest and most effective product.

Fenotrex Sleep Review

Restful and deeper sleep is quickly gained with the natural and safe ingredients of Fenotrex. People struggling to sleep every night will be able to enjoy a good night’s sleep the healthy way. It is because the formula in Fenotrex helps establish healthy sleep patterns without the tired, hangover, and groggy feeling the morning after.


    • Ingredients are all-natural and safe to use
    • Non habit-forming formula
    • 60 caps in each bottle for 2 months supply
    • Does not cause grogginess and tiredness the morning after
    • Anxiety and stress reduction without harmful side effects


    • Purchased only through the official website of Health and Research Institute

Sleep Support NutraSpray Review

Sleep Support NutraSpray is a fast-acting sleep aid that is easily absorbed through the bloodstream. The product claims to help users quickly fall asleep compared to their other competitors. Falling asleep quickly reduces the levels of anxiety and stress.


    • Claims not to have any side effects such as tiredness and grogginess
    • Comes in spray form with each bottle containing 8 grams of liquid good for 10 servings


    • The product needs to be sprayed six times before it can take effect
    • The melatonin compound can become very strong when it has to be sprayed six times. This might produce side effects such as confusion. It may also lead to potential dependence
    • Pretty expensive since each bottle only gives 10 servings. At $27.95 per bottle, it becomes an expensive sleep aid.

Pro Z Nighttime Recovery Review

Improvement of sleep patterns, increased testosterone levels, and enhanced ability and strength are the benefits gained from Pro Z. The formula claims to be rich in anabolic minerals and vitamins to increase strength, ability, and restful sleep.


    • The vitamins and minerals in the formula claim to help users recover ability and strength
    • Sleep patterns are improved with the use of the product
    • Includes vitamins and minerals for overall well-being


    • The vitamins and minerals may be healthy but they are fairly common
    • The strong dosages may create potential health risks
    • The listed ingredients are inadequate for the sleep aid claim

MindSpa Personal Development System Review

A new technology is claimed by MindSpa to help enhance any user’s sleep and mood. Light and sound focus and concentration is also achieved with the use of this new technology. This is because of the headphones and light-emitting glasses that aids in relaxing the mind to a serene state.


    • The sessions are 18 in all with each lasting from 22-69 minutes to soothe the mind and change the mood
    • Using the product for the first 4 to 6 weeks bring noticeable changes to the general mood of users
    • The equipment claims to support better mood, sleep, sharper memory, and relaxation


    • No clinical studies to back the claim of effectively using the new technology to induce sleep and improve mood
    • Multiple user complaints about the durability and effectiveness of the product
    • The programs were difficult to use
    • High-end price at $349.95.

Downtime PM Review

Weight gain is avoided when adequate sleep is achieved every night. Reducing the Cortisol levels through a good night’s sleep is the claim of Downtime PM. Enjoying adequate sleep every night result in more energy levels for the user.


    • Prevents weight gain by lowering the Cortisol levels
    • Higher energy levels
    • 100% money-back guarantee


    • Little information about the purpose of the additives and their corresponding dosages
    • Melatonin is the only known ingredient added to induce sleep
    • May produce side effects because of the ingredients that are focused on metabolism, and Cortisol levels
    • Expensive product compared to other sleep aid brands

In closing

One of the important pillars of health is a good night’s sleep. Its importance can be similar to healthy eating and exercise. Overall optimal health is only achieved when sleep is adequate every night. Intermittent insomniac nights happen to all of us. It only becomes a problem when it is long-term. Sleep-deprivation has been linked to a lot of health risks and accidents. The sleep aids may or may not resolve sleeping problems. However, it is still the smartest move to consult a doctor before you decide to try them.

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