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Home Remedies For Toothache And Gum Swelling

Author: Williams Smiths
by Williams Smiths
Posted: Apr 05, 2018
home remedies

Almost everyone was in a situation of need for home remedies for toothache.

What Causes of Toothache

Dental caries (tooth decay): A small cavity in the tooth enamel can quickly lead to tooth decay. If untreated, the tooth under the enamel begins to rot, it can attack the deeper structures of the tooth, causing toothache. When the process progresses, the inner core (pulp) becomes an affected and infected tooth can die. In the case of dental caries, home remedies represent only first aid help, please arrange dental treatment!

Abscess: a collection of pus in or around a tooth, root is known as a dental abscess, which can be terribly painful and can cause inflammation (boiling point of the gums). Home remedies can help popping gum boil, disinfect and clean the surrounding area. Even when we visit to the dentist is necessary to clarify the cause of pain.

Gingivitis (inflamed gums): inflammation of the gums when the gums become red-purple, smooth, bright and sensitive and bleed easily, especially when cleaning teeth. If gingivitis is left untreated, then infected pus pockets can develop at the base of the teeth, followed by time is reduced from the gums and can loose teeth. Home remedies for toothache can give a great help maintain healthy gums or gingivitis cure.

Home Remedies for Toothache

  1. Use fluoride toothpaste and brush your teeth for two minutes at least.
  2. Ice is also very useful for major toothache it is good to cure toothache. Lightly rub the ice against the affected tooth and the cooling effect moves up his nerve to give a soothing sensation and in addition for pain.
  3. You can also use garlic to get rid of the pain.
  4. A clove of garlic topped with a little rock salt can do the job.
  5. Onion also helps to act as a source of antibacterial for mouth.
  6. A natural mouthwash that can be prepared at home is wheat grass. It has an ability to kill germs and removes gum bacteria growing in the mouth.

7. Curd benefits in toothache, due to its healthy bacteria in curd it can help to soothe mouth pain and clear up sores in the mouth.

  1. The clove is a very effective spice in toothache. Its oil is very special to cure toothache. Apply a wet a cotton ball dipped in clove oil and put it gently on the tooth.
  2. Oregano oil is also helpful to relief the pain, if it is due to tooth decay.
  3. To all those who drink you would be very happy to know that liquor is a cure for pain as well. Just Dip a cotton ball and apply liquor or enjoy a good amount of drink and keep it flowing near the affected tooth.
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