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5 Ways Acting Classes can Improve your Child’s Emotional Intelligence

Author: Parramatta Actors Centre
by Parramatta Actors Centre
Posted: Apr 06, 2018

Move over book smarts, a new kinda smart is here. And to be honest, we’re a little emotional about it.

When you and I were younger, our parents stressed to us the importance of studying and rehearsing our times tables. They booked us into tutoring classes and hung up our academic certificates all the while gleaming with pride and boasting to their friends. And all for good reason.

Cognitive Intelligence (IQ) – or, the ability to reason, plan, think logically, and comprehend complex ideas – is one of the most highly valuable qualities a human being can possess. It is what builds societies, shapes laws and makes the world go round. But in today’s climate – where the world is going round a little quicker than most of us would ever have anticipated – we need to raise children who are more than just cognitively aware. They too need to be emotionally intelligent.

> What is Emotional Intelligence?

Emotional Intelligence (EQ) – the ability to be aware of, express and control one’s emotions – is fast becoming every modern-day parent’s priority, some even over IQ. Why? Not only will a child with a high EQ know how to identify and manage their emotions, but according to Jenny-Ong Khandan, a Clinical Psychologist at Ascend Psychology Parramatta, it is "as important, if not more important than IQ, in determining future success." That means that with a highly-developed EQ, not only will your children rule their emotions, but they will rule the world while doing it.

> How can I help my child improve their EQ?

Now, we know where we need to go to make our kids book-smarter; a local library, after-school tutoring classes, the Discovery Channel. But where do we go to make them smarter about the tumultuous and confusing strangers called ‘emotions’ that swirl around in their little minds and bodies?

An acting classes sydney might just be one of the ways.

> Here are five things that an acting class can do for your child’s Emotional Intelligence:


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