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Personal Fitness: An Exercise Program to Become Lean in 2018

Author: Krunal Vyas
by Krunal Vyas
Posted: Apr 10, 2018
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Is it a regular routine for you to promise yourself of shedding some flab and finding yourself in a pickle the next morning? Is the inability of adjusting a perfect workout plan in your daily schedule putting your health at risk? Or is it the dilemma about equipment, routine, and follow-up schedule that has put a huge question mark on your health status? To obtain a quick and accessible answer to all the aforementioned problems, we turn to the most widely used electronic supplement of the Android and iOS-based apps. Yes, you read it right! The fitness app development companies are marking their presence for availing the simplest yet most effective health and work out solutions at home.

If the question of how to become lean always hails the showers of worry on our peaceful state of mind then behold to the most effective and adopted way of gaining some muscles in 2018 with numerous fitness app development like PEAR, Endomondo, Google Fit, MyFitness Pal, and many more. Some of these are available as a free subscription on Playstore and Apple store while others are available at nominal subscription fee.

No one can deny the bitter reality of what happens when you hop on the personal fitness programs by joining the gyms, hiring personal trainers, chumming down the carbs at home & work, etc, etc. After a week or two, the gym seems to get a little over-boarded, the personal trainer becomes your sworn nemesis, and the carbs ultimately win over the battle of health vs. taste. And mind it these are just a few instated cases among many other dropout plans of the turning fat into muscle. The classified app development has proven its worth by availing some of the most effective fitness apps that help you achieve the fitness goal without costing you a fortune.

The Perks

Following the quick and brief introduction of the fitness apps, the next question to hover your mind would be about the features offered by these apps. In generic terms, the fitness app development is aimed at providing fitness program solutions that save both time and money of the user without costing it on his/her health status. While people have been running after the glitters of the gym and personal training necessities, the simplicity and logistics offered by the fitness app development company have emerged out to be the actual gem in the current scenario.

Customized Diet & Work out Program

Understanding the facts that all bodies are not the same and each one of us requires flexibility in the generalized diet and work out plans should be the primordial frame of inspiration for the fitness app development.

Of course, we all know that healthy eating is another proprietary need in the weight loss and muscle building program but what constitutes that healthy food? And what if the generally outlined food chart of pomegranate, apples, oranges, peanut butter shake, banana smoothie, etc have the elements of initiating an allergic reaction in your body? The concept of customization comes in handy while deciding such tricky parts of the personal fitness program. About 9 out of 10 personal fitness training apps are equipped with the feature of customizable diet and workout programs wherein the user can feed in their health and daily diet details and can obtain the precisely tabulated form of the daily diet and exercise plans.

Tracking Activity & Steps

Keeping a fair and honest track chart of all your doing has been the most followed way of improvement and establishment since ages. The fitness app development companies have proficiently proven their worth in the market by integrating the smallest of all routine tracking steps in one’s personal page of the fitness training program.

Most of the fitness apps come equipped with the features of displaying the daily work out schedule to the user alongside the statistics of their performed activity at the end of the day. This daily activity-tracking feature has been particularly effective for experimenting with a set of workout and diet plans with respect to fixing up the exercise timings, duration of exercise, the time allotted for different physical activities, and many more of the sort.

Customer-friendly GI

Building a classified app development is only the primordial thought that manifests itself into a fruit-bearing project only after a series of many plausible interpretations & their developments, about half of which should pass all the flame tests of the market.

To create user-friendly apps with the prime aim of easing up one’s requirement in the respective field, mobilizing the chain of networks for creating or availing the most efficient graphical interface is the hole-&-sole of any app development company. With the availability of uncountable fitness apps in the market, users can opt for the most user-friendly GI app for the purpose.

Cost-effective Plan

The last but not the least is to chalk out the cost-effectiveness of these fitness apps. As mentioned earlier, many fitness apps come at no cost with free subscription option while others may not be so generous and prefer to earn a dime for all the efforts the developers have put in creating the fitness training app. The users can pick the most effective apps of all by giving a try to all the freely available ones, and for the fee-based apps, the reviews and feedbacks should be helpful enough to solve the mystery.

Pick Your Poison

After going through all the hook-&-loops of the fitness apps, the users can avail the most suitable app based on their preference for exercising and the need of muscle. The expert studies reveal that the fitness app-based work out sessions have gained impeccable momentum since 2016 with 2018 witnessing the dawn of the most outstanding classified app development. With all the hustle & bustle around the efficiency of fitness training apps, the major criteria have been boiled down to the following crisp points:

360-degree Work out & Diet Planning App

It provides a round-the-circle workout and exercises planning with a pin-pointed emphasis on the recoverable points with a carefully studied and drawn-out diet chart

Comprehensive Training Packs

These guide you through the most suitable work out and exercise plans, specifically customized with reference to the user’s physical activity needs.

Quick Impact apps

Short and powerful- is the best way to describe the physical activity session provided by these apps that provide maximum impact with shorter work out sessions.

Cardio app

These are mainly developed for the adventure loving peeps. It mainly focuses on the outdoor physical activities, aimed at improving the cardio activity of the user

Recovery Apps

Mostly prevalent among the high-muscle building gangs, like professional athletes, players, gymnasts, etc, they provide the key intel for quick muscle-recovery for post work out sessions.

Apps for Beginners

The Holy Grail for all the fitness training novices out there, it helps the user to stay in shape with the perfect harmony of mind and body.

Make Your Choice

When all is done and dusted about the specificity of the fitness apps, all you have to do is pick up your smartphone and download the most suitable fitness app for trimming up those flabs and shabs of the body.

Before deciding on any app usage, the users should first read out the specifics and niches of the various forms of fitness apps. Most of the gym and personal training instructors divide the body leaning program into the packs of few days, each of which aims to trim out the excess fat and increase the flexibility of specific body parts.

For example, the usual 5-day work out plan in gyms includes:

Day 1- focus on the stretching and rolling of the upper body area

Day2- includes the High-Intensity Interval Training (HIIT) through moderate weightlifting and cardio equipment.

Day 3- focus on the stretching and flexibility of the lower body area.

Day 4- targeting the abs development and muscle recovery options.

Day 5- back to the HIIT exercise through body-lifting and cardio exercises.

A praiseworthy fitness app development company would obviously focus on developing the aforesaid type of fitness training plan with open options for customization based on the user’s need and availability of time and resources.

In addition, users should do a comparative study of the chosen apps based on the features and perks offered, customization flexibility, cost-effectiveness, time-management, and the perhaps the most important of all, feedback & reviews.

Though the app page would show you the most recent and published reviews by the user with the prominent star-rating download logistics of the app, a researched material to be integrated with your daily schedule has been proven worthwhile in every case of dilemma and biases. To exemplify, a generic net search revealed the top-ranked fitness apps of 2017 with the number of downloads and usage statistics popping-up on Google Trends. Even though the app may not be useful for each and every one of us, a personal research by the user did provide an insight to the plethora of such apps and the direction to proceed.

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Krunal Vyas works as an IT Consultant at iQlance Solutions, award-winning app development agency. With his skills and experience Krunal and Team iQlance works to bring ideas into innovative product.

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